Ayurvedic Science Of Healing Body

Ayurveda is a system of healing which evolved on the Indian subcontinent some 5000 years ago. It has both a spiritual and a practical basis, and according to this system of health care, we need balance and harmony in all three aspects of our lives- body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda was first recorded in the Vedas, the world’s oldest extent literature. It emphasizes that all beings come out of nature, that we are an integral part of a whole universe and therefore have a responsibility to our source. The purpose of Ayurveda is to help the individual to achieve longevity, rejuvenation and self-realization.

The five elements of the life :
1. Ether
2. Air
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Earth

These five elements form the basis for all things found in material creation, from the individual’s constitution to the tastes in food.

According to Ayurveda, the first requirement for healing oneself and others is a clear understanding of the three doshas. The concept of Vata-Pitta-Kapha is unique to Ayurveda and it holds the potential for revolutionizing the healing systems of the West. However, the concept of the three principles and the Sanskrit words, Vata-Pitta-Kapha, are very difficult to translate into Western terms.

As discussed above all matters is composed of the five elements which are the building blocks of existence, but only living matter has three Doshas, or Tridosha, the three forces that govern all biological processes.

The Doshas regulate everything that occurs from the basic cellular process to the most complex aspects of biological functioning. Any imbalance in the functioning of these tri-dosha manifests in a wide variety of signs and symptoms. According to types of changes and the individual’s constitution, various ailments may develop when body is out of balance.

Symptoms of Tri-dosha


Vata- Imbalances may manifest as constipation, sciatica, arthritis or insomnia. Psychological symptoms such as fear, anxiety, and insecurity might be present.


Pitta- Someone may become highly critical or angry and may show symptoms such as acid indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, race or acne.


Kapha- the person may experience an increase or aggravation of this dosha, leading to such ailments as colds, congestion, allergic manifestations, as well as attachment, greed and possessiveness.