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Amazing treatment for psoriasis patients. The doctor and the staff are really co-operative. They take care of you like a family member. I met a lot of doctors for psoriasis but none of them could provide me with a treatment, took medicines for 3-4 years but got no relief. It has just been 1 month that I took ayurvedic medicines from Dr. Manoj Virmani and I can see the results. Its better now, I can literally see the progress. Doctor is really amazing, he lets you know the trigger points of your disease, he tells you what you’re doing wrong and then also provides you a solution for the same. Really happy to have met this amazing team!

Ishika Jain
Best retreat I had in the last few years. Very calm environment and friendly staff. Doctor Virmani always eager to help & share his knowledge about healthy way of living. A very refreshing experience overall. Will definitely visit again. Big thank you to Dr Virmani & his humble team.

Sandesh joshi
It was a great pleasure to having my detoxification in Ayurveda Guru karnal, A great thanks to Dr Manoj virmani and Dr Poonam virmani for their treatment and hospitality, this is one of the best organized, systematic and professional Ayurvedic centers, Their Manager Mr Pradeep and online receptionist Ms Anu are very cooperative very helpful, Wish them all the best and great thanks to their Director and whole team’s Thanks

Sunil sinha