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Panchakarma is the super speciality department of Ayurveda which deals with the treatment modalities like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, and Raktamokshana and all types of various Bahya-snehana, Swedana procedures including Keraleeya Panchakarma.
Panchakarma is the major section of the hospital, has many treatment sections with heavy rush all the time. All type of classical and keraleeya Panchakarma procedure are done in hospital by Specially trained Panchakarma Technicians under the supervision of Panchakarma Consultants and Resident Medical officers for better outcome.
Panchakarma procedure units has been made according the convenient of the patients and their affordability as, General Panchakarma Unit for Male and Female
Special panchakarma units for Male and Female
Deluxe Panchakarma Units for Male and Female
All the Panchakarma Procedures are carried out For convenience further it has been made two more branches like Disease Panchakarma, and Swastha Panchakarma.


The department specializes in providing holistic healthcare to women through all phases of her life. The department has well experienced Ayurvedic Gynecologists and Obstetricians managing various health concerns and challenges. The services offered are
STREE SOUKHYAM(Stree Roga) (Gynecology): Healthy women is the back bone of the nation. Prasooti Tantra and Stree Roga department provides specialized treatments and successful management for several gynecological problems such as:
PCOD/PCOS:The prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in India is quite high and has a major impact on the quality of life and fertility of women. Our Hospital offers unique therapy, specific to the individual health needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Such personalized approach helps in re-balancing the hormones naturally, thus helping regularizing the menstrual cycle, gradual and wholesome weight loss, reduce facial hair growth and acne.
Infertility: The incidence of infertility is rising at an alarming rate all over the world. Motherhood has become a distant dream to many. There are many causes for Infertility and Ayurveda can offer the best solution. In our hospital we have treated many cases of Infertility successfully.
Fibroids: Fibroids are one of the leading causes for menstrual irregularities and affecting the general health of women. There is increased surgical interference too. Most of these can be managed medically and with various treatments through Ayurveda
Ovarian/endometrial cyst: Increased cases of endometrial and ovarian cysts are seen now-a-days. These causes chronic pelvic pain, weakness and more surgical interventions. In Ayurveda there are unique procedures and medicines to combat the Ovarian cysts. Cysts of varying sizes have been successfully treated in our hospital.
Endometriosis and adenomyosis: We are seeing a spike in these cases. Hormonal and Surgical interventions can be avoided by taking Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Pain relief, Improvement in QOL(Quality of Life) and Fertility can be acheievd with Ayurvedic management.
Menopause: During the retiring phase of womanhood, women face several disturbances like, irregular menstrual cycle, hot flushes, mood swings, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, night sweats etc. Our team of doctors’ expertise in Rajonivrutti paricharya help women is attaining menopause with ease.
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Heavy bleeding during or between Menstrual cycle is something which is experienced by many at some point in their life. Sometimes it is so severe that the woman cannot lead a normal life. There are many causes for this condition which are evaluated carefully and treated successfully in our Hospital
Abnormal Vaginal discharges :Vaginal discharge is most often a normal and regular occurrence. However, there are certain types of discharges that can indicate an infection. Abnormal discharge caused by varied infections may be yellow or green, curdy white, chunky in consistency & or foul smelling. Ayurveda provides holistic Sthanika chikitsa along with Internal medication to combact the same.
Breast fibroedenoma: Fibroadenomas are common non – cancerous breast tumors seen in women in their 20s and 30s, but they can be found in women of any age. These can cause extensive discomfort to the women and in some cases lead to pre cancerous stages. Sthana lepa, Abyanga, etc along with internal medications have got good results.


• Analyzing the Prakruti (Nature/ Physical & Mental constitution) of an individual.
• Life style modifications are taught to prevent manifestation of disorders.
• Health promotive tips, Diet advices & seasonal body purifications are extended.

Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)

Metabolic disorders
• Diabetes
• Respiratory disorders
• Neurological disorders
• Gastro disorders
• Metabolic disorders
• Diabetes
• Respiratory disorders


Treatment is extended to the common problems faced by the children viz., Recurrent respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, skin ailments, Gastrointestinal related problems like Constipation, Malabsorption Syndrome, Neuro-Muscular disorders- Infantile Cerebral Palsy, Dystrophies, Epilepsy, Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation, Growth and developmental diseases Facilities for
• Paediatric Panchakarma
• Immune boost therapies
• Swarnamruta Prashana.


Rasayana therapy is offered to treat and promote health of clients. • Rasayana therapy enriches body tissues with nutrients to help one attain longevity, memory, intelligence, health, youthfulness, and excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics and brilliance.
• Rasayana therapy prevents & cures senile & all types of illness, and corrects degenerative changes

Vajikarana (Aphrodisiacs)

Vajikarana deals with the promotion of sexual health, healthy progeny, treatment of male sexual disorders (Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) & Male infertility.
• Enhances fertility and the rejuvenation of sexual and reproductive energy.
• Vajikarana therapy improves the function of the reproductive organs and vitalizes reproductive tissues


AyurvedGuru offers a wide variety of medicines in accordance with Ayurveda treatment. Genuine Ayurveda medicines are well stocked at AyurvedGuru dispensary. The prime location ensures that the patients admitted will have access to the medications they need. In addition to name-brand medicines from pharmaceutical companies, products from AyurvedGuru Pharmacy produces its own medicine for in-house use.