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  1. Symbol: Air
  2. Principle: Movement, kinetic energy and transport in the body mind.
  3. Body type: Small body frames, average amount of hair which tends to be dry and light brown, small eyes.
  4. Mental Picture: Short term memory is best, changing moods and thoughts.
  5. Vata in Balance: Alert and spontaneous
  6. Vata out of Balance : Worried, mood swings


Function of Vata:

1. Vata is the upholder of both the structures and function in the body.

2. It is the originator of every kind of action in the body.

3. It is the controller and conductor of the mind which mean it restrains the main from indulging in undesirable objects and guides it to describe objects. It stimulates all senses of the body.

4. It is the generator of speech.

5. Control the root cause of the senses of hearing and touch , it is the originator of all excitement and animation. Also stimulates the digestive fire.

6. It dries up the excess moisture of the dosha and eliminates excretions from the body. It is only the Vata which is responsible for the transportation of impurities, constituents and essence of food etc.

Division of Vata

1. Prana Vata

2. Udana Vata

3. Vyana Vata

4. Samana Vata

5. Apana Vata