Serving perfection since 1995

With a dream of a healthy family, healthy society and a healthy India, AyurvedGuru - Virmani Ayurveda and Panchkarma Centre, Karnal, Haryana was established in 1996. Under the sheer guidance of Dr Manoj Virmani. AyurvedGuru aims that all sections of the society should get the most comprehensive Ayurveda and healthcare solutions at affordable prices.

From the past more than 2 decades, AyurvedGuru has been working towards spreading the mission of Ayurveda’s awareness among the people of India and abroad. AyurvedGuru earned immense of global fame and expertise, by conducting various research projects, campaigns, seminars and health camps in numerous cities and countries. AyurvedGuru promotes yoga and meditation and other Indian systems of medicine, with the belief that only physical health is not health. Ayurveda treats at the level of physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual level. Dr Manoj Virmani, in his 25 years of professional life, has seen that more than 90% people are suffering from one or more than one disease, and surprisingly the numbers are increasing day by day.

Dr Virmani emphasises,

"All this happened due to lack of knowledge and the modern concept of nuclear families. We left behind our traditional knowledge with our grandmothers (daadi and naani). They were the best healers in our families. They knew maximum possible treatment of common problems from kitchen. Our traditional Indian kitchen is a solution for our complete health. Society very well knows that Ayurveda is the only solution to provide complete cure to our health issues. There is no permanent solution in modern system. The only hope is Ayurveda. If we follow the basic principles of Ayurveda, we can live a healthy and disease free long life."