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Normal delivery is a natural process for age old eras. But from the last few years, due to commercial benefits the percentage of normal delivery dropped. Because it is time consuming and tired some. So in the name of facilities modern doctors prefer to do caesarean sections. Ayurveda advises patients to follow certain types of diet and life styles, which helps in normal delivery. For the last 27 years Ayurvedguru has delivered more than 7000 babies normally. More than 98 % of patients can deliver normally, if they are guided properly. Under the guidance of Dr. Poonam Virmani, Head of Stri and prasooti department of Ayurvedguru doing successful normal delivery. The main reason for this is love and affection towards patients, dedication to profession and faith in God's creation.

Few steps are followed...

1. Preparing patients from the very first day of conception.

2. Use of Ayurvedic medicine during antenatal care.

3. Following garbhini chara, as prescribed by Mahrishi Charak.

4. Special counseling sessions during antenatal care.

5. Regular tests and ultrasound.

6. Garbhsanskar classes for couples. During these classes each and every step is guided to the couple.

7. Role of family during antenatal care and post natel.

8. The stay at Ayurvedguru is like a home stay during and after delivery.

9. Rarely the patients are shifted for operation. Only due to complications like the big head size of the baby, mother is not able to tolerate delivery pains or any congenital complications.

10. Child specialist Doctor is available on call during delivery.