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About the doctor:

Dr Poonam Virmani is a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner having more than 28 years of experience in treating and gudining patients of their chronic as well as acute diseases. Dr Poonam is currently the Chief Physician and Consultant Ayurvedic Gynecologist at Vaidya Ayurvedguru Pvt. Ltd., Karnal, India. 
Registered with the Board of Ayurveda & Unani, Panchkula for legal practice in India, Dr Poonam Virmani has been awarded several accolades for her contribution to the medical field.

Dr. Poonam Virmani

Present responsibilities:

  • Chief Physician and Consultant Ayurvedic Gynecologist of Vaidya Ayurvedguru Pvt. Ltd., Karnal, India
  • CEO of Vaidya Poonam Matritva Kendra
  • CEO of Moksha Foundation, India
  • Executive Director at
  • The writer of a health column in a daily newspaper
  • Visiting Editor of Health Life newsletter, a fortnightly e-newsletter having a subscriber base of more than 10000 people worldwide
  • Ex-Consultant of Dabur Ayurvedic Specialty Limited, a corporate major of India dealing in herbs and its products
  • Consultant of NetBusModel Inc, Canada
  • Founder President, Gopesh Ayurvedic Health Club
  • Organized hundreds of infertility camps to treat primary and secondary infertility
  • Founder of PALDA (Practising Ayurvedic Ladies Doctors Association)
  • Mahamandleshwar Swami Gyanand Ji visited Vaidya Ayurved Guru Pvt. Ltd & Panchkarma Chikitsalyam to bless Dr Poonam Virmani for her excellent work in women infertility


Educational background:

  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), from Gurukul Khanpur of Maharishi Dayanand University 1988-1993



  • 28 years in the field of Ayurveda, treated thousands of patients of primary and Secondary Infertility
  • Family background of health profession gave a lot of experience
  • Her father, an ex-serviceman was a renowned Physician in the area


 Personal achievements:

  • The author in charge of a book entitled ‘Ayurved Dwara – Sabhi Sukhi – Sabhi Nirogi' (All Happy & Healthy with Ayurveda) published by Bathla Printers.
  • Author of the book entitled 'Shreshta Santan Utpati Ke Upaaye' (Ways to get a child with good intellect.
  • Awarded by Swami Ram Dev Ji For her excellence in Infertility.
  • Awarded many times by various society for medical and yoga camps
  • Known for her clinical skills and expertise of Ayurveda & especially for the difficult deliveries (especially the cases which are advised for a major operation to deliver a child) in the northern part of India. She has treated patients from all over the world



  • Providing help for good health to other people.
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Reading


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