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1. Symbol: Fire

2. Principle: Transformation, metabolism, and discrimination in the body mind.

3. Essence: Tejas, Inner light and Radiance.

4. Body Type: Medium size body frames, average amount of hair, that tends to be reddish or grey and thinning, soft, slightly oily skin and medium size eyes.

5. Mental Picture: Good memory, sharp intellects, sound sleepers, quick tempers.

6. Pitta in Balance : Enterprising and joyous.

7. Pitta out of Balance: Angry, impatient, and frustrated.

General Function of Pitta

1. Digestion of food.

2. Power of vision

3. Production of normal body heat

4. Normal color and complexion of the body

5. Produces hunger, thirst.

6. Lustre, Intelligence, courage and cheerfulness

Division of Pitta:

1. Pachaka Pitta

2. Ranjaka Pitta

3. Sadhaka Pitta

4. Alochaka Pitta

5. BhraJaka Pitta