1. Symbol: Water
2. Principle: Integration, lubrication, and stability in the body-mind
3. Essence: Ojas, Primal Vitality
4. Body type: Large body frame and thick, dark brown or black hair which tends toward oiliness. Oily, moist skin, large eyes
5. Mental picture: Calm, steady and stable, good long-term memory, slow to be irritated
6. Kapha in balance: Strong and calm
7. Kapha out of balance: Dull and lethargic

General Function of Kapha:

1. Promotion of unconsciousness
2. Binding or keeping together and to keep intact the various structures of the body, especially the joints
3. Contribution to the sturdiness and stability of the body
4. Promotion to strength and increase of immunity and resistance to disease and decay
5. To bring heaviness in the body
6. To make the healing and repair process better
7. Tissue building and soothing
8. Responsible for retention of memory, knowledge and intelligence

Division of Kapha:

1. Avalambaka kapha
2. Kiedaka kapha
3. Tarpaka kapha
4. Bodhaka kapha
5. Shleshaka kapha