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If the west has Valentine’s Day, India has Karwa Chauth. On this auspicious day, Indian wives keep ‘Nirjala’ fast for the long life and prosperity of their husbands. The wives eat little before dawn and then stay empty stomach for the whole day without drinking water. This fast has its reference in many Hindu mythological stories. In the night, the wife looks at the moon through a sieve and then breaks her fast by consuming water from her husband’s hand.   


Our immunity system is our blanket against harmful diseases and infections. Though, due to today’s fast lifestyle, we have incorporated some habits into our lives that are decreasing the strength of our immune system. So, today we are enumerating 3 habits that destroy our immune system and 3 habits that can help to boost it.

Types of Psoriasis

Ayurved Guru Psorosis

Psoriasis is an acute skin disorder. This is an autoimmune disease. This means that your immune system destroys your body rather than protects you. Psoriasis leads to scaly spots in the skin that are sometimes silver or red and can be itchy and painful. The spots can come and go over a few days to over a month.

Skin and Hair Care for Holi


The festival of colors is nearly here, and the enthusiasm can be felt in the air. As the spirits soared, the weather became warmer. The fusion of color and excitement is ringing our door. We are all ready to welcome and embrace the fun of the Holi Festival. A variety of color shops have appeared in the busy market, with a variety of fountain guns and colorful balloons available for purchase.

Being a woman in India

international women's day

It is believed that when God got tired of creating only men, he created woman to remove his monotony. God made her life full of adventures which he could later watch from heaven and get amused. There is no denial in the fact that a woman’s journey is no less than a roller coaster ride.

National Executive Committee Meeting and National Workshop on Ayurved Research Methodology in Contemporary Perspective

Dr. Manoj Virmani

Vishwa Ayurved Parishad organised a National Executive Committee Meeting & National Workshop on Ayurved Research Methodology in Contemporary Perspective in Jodhpur on 16th Feb and 17th Feb which was attended by eminent personalities in the field of science and medicine. Ayurvedguru Dr. Manoj Virmani also attended the event where he illuminated the audience with his wisdom on Ayurveda.