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Bones give our bodies a structure and are responsible for protecting our internal organs. Many people believe that bone health is crucial only in childhood, though the perception is completely false. Bone health is as much important for an adult, as for a child. Statistics show that almost 55 percent of people above the age of 50 suffer from Osteoporosis in India.


Ayurveda says, there are seven types of Dhatus in the body. Asthidhatu, the fifth dhatu, gives a solid structure to the body. These Dhatus are the structures that make up the body. Also, there is a very close relationship between your bone health and Vata Dosha. Our ancient Ayurvedic texts describe Osteoporosis in terms of bone loss and decreased porosity of bones. Here are some AyurvedGuru’s tips to maintain and strengthen bones.



Folks with predominant Vata Dosha have less Agni and produce less Asthi Dhatu. To strengthen bones, calcium-rich foods should be added to the diet. Some calcium-rich foods that are also helpful in balancing Vata are yogurt, sesame seeds, sweet potato, etc.


People with predominant Pitta Dosha have higher Agni and various calcium-rich foods can help balance Pitta too, such as beans, celery, strawberries, and oranges.

People with predominant Kapha Dosha have lower Asthi Agni and there are calcium-rich foods that help balance Kapha Dosha, such as pumpkin seeds, Brussel sprouts, and Okra.


Abhyanga massage with Sesame oil is a great way to keep bones healthy as well as strong.

Try to include basic postures of Yoga in your daily lifestyle. Yoga can help strengthen bones and promote vitality. Read our blog to know why students and working professionals need to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Read it from here.

It is also advised to not slouch to avoid the problem of Osteoporosis in the future. Make sure that your back is straight whether you sit or stand. The right posture is crucial to avoid problems like round shoulders or joint injuries.

Make sure you are consuming enough Vitamin D and calcium. Foods that are rich in calcium are milk, leafy vegetables, beans, and mushrooms.

These were some of our tips to maintain and strengthen bones to prevent OSTEOPOROSIS.

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