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Ayurveda focuses on finding the root cause of illness. It works to prevent disease at the source, rather than solely treating symptoms. It is the oldest form of functional medicine.
Absolutely not. Ayurveda recognizes that each individual is unique and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach.
Yes, its multi-faceted approach works to treat the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. You’ll learn lifestyle practices, diet, self-care and breath work to manage your anxiety and feel stress-free.
Most clients see immediate improvements in their wellness. Our bodies naturally want to be in balance. We just need to give ourselves the time and space to heal.
The essential principle of Ayurveda is life in compliance with one’s constitution and with the laws of nature. Ayurveda is a holistic science; it concerns the whole human being. It does not aim at the suppression of symptoms but searches for and cures the cause of illness. It directs itself to the maintenance of energy balance in the body, the most important condition for health. Ayurveda is engaged in details not only in treatment but also in prevention of illness and longevity. The diet, exercise and the whole way of living is individually recommended according to the constitution, race and climatic conditions. The admission of individual distinctness and individual approach to treatment is one of the unique features of Ayurvedic medicine.
According to Ayurveda a human being is composed of five elements, three vital energies – principles (dosha), seven tissues (dhatus) and a large amount of canals (shrotas). Of these five elements – air, space, fire, water and earth – two elements always form the basis of each of the three doshas. The word „dosha“ itself and the names of the three doshas, Vata,Pitta,and Kapha, are Sanskrit words.Dosha – the three principles – interpenetrate everything in nature. Vatta is the energy of movement, Pitta expresses the metabolism and Kapha corresponds to the principle of substance and structures. These energies occur in each of us, only in different amounts in each individual. Each of us has a unique structure of energy – therefore each human being is so unique. The combination of those three doshas comprises our constitution.
The basis of health is the balance between the body and the mind. The mind, body and the whole world are connected vessels. The way we think, what we eat, our diet or where we work – all of these affect our senses and influence our entire organism. According to Ayurveda most diseases arise in our mind. In the event imbalance sets in with the participation of outer (environment, unhealthy life style) or inner (improper diet) factors, weak digestion, inability to absorb necessary nutrients and low immunity are considered as the main reason of the mal (illness). As result of weak digestion toxins (Ama) are formed in the body; they migrate throughout the body and settle in different organs and damage them. In Ayurveda there are curative methods that eliminate this “Ama” (toxins) from the body.
Ayurveda does not stand against western medicine. In acute cases, the role of classical medicine is irreplaceable. In chronic illnesses, combination with Ayurveda can be beneficial, and in many chronic illnesses Ayurveda achieves excellent results even where classical medicine has failed. Ayurveda is strictly individual (the treatment is determined on the basis of given person’s constitution and state of his/her health). It aims at the elimination of causes, not the suppression of symptoms; during the treatment only natural remedies free of any side effects are used. The cause of illness can be found in the inner imbalance as well as in the relation with the surrounding environment whereas western medicine considers, for instance, virus or bacteria as the main cause.
Herbs are gentle and natural treatment. They do not have any side effects, because they are compatible with the body’s own chemicals. They are absorbed easily and because of their different characteristics (desiccant/humid, incentive/sedative etc.) it is possible to choose exactly the right herbs which can cure in the given case depending on the illness.
According to Ayurveda up to 70 % of illnesses can be influenced by correct diet. A maximally satisfying diet that leads the organism to balance can be designed in compliance with the constitution. Ayurveda does not forcibly forbid any food, nor does it incline to any artificial unnatural diet, but rather in each group (fruit, vegetables, meat, cereals and dairy products) there are certain foodstuffs that are more appropriate and others less so. Properly chosen food, through its own quality, has a curative influence on particular organs.
The history of Ayurveda goes back 5,000 years. At present there are more and more physicians from all over the world who are interested in it and who have adapted this medicinal system to our western society. Ayurveda and ayurvedic treatment techniques have been proven effective in many clinical studies. Ayurveda should be the first choice in case of chronic (drawn-out) illness, which can not be treated in a satisfactory manner by conventional medicine. Ayurveda aims not only to treat the sick person, but also to prevent illness in healthy people, who can get ill due to stress, family problems and so on. Therefore it is not possible to call Ayurveda, the science of life, merely as alternative medicine.
Roughly, the constitution can be ascertained by filling out the dosha-test on our website. The exact conclusion, on which basis the individual recommendations are made, is possible only after a personal consultation in our centre.
You can call or whatsapp at 9416011800, 9416111800 or mail at [email protected]
Yes. In the event you live far or you cannot visit our centre, you can book on-line consultation by internet. You will receive questionnaires with questions relating to your symptoms, lifestyle, diet and so on. We can make a recommendation on the basis of the filled in questionnaire which you send back to us.
Ayurvedic massage and allied therapies use a combination of natural medicated herbal oils and healing techniques customised for each individual’s unique body type. Each different therapy seeks to achieve a different result with individual treatments to detoxify, cleanse, beautify, rejuvenate and balance.
Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you may fill out the appropriate forms. Wear comfortable clothes and bring something warm to wear home if the weather is cool or windy. If you’re having a massage, quite a lot of oil will be involved so it’s best not to wear expensive clothes or have plans directly after your treatment. Our oils are imported from India and have been prepared with herbs for weeks at a time making them very aromatic. Please don’t wear perfume, after-shave or strongly scented lotions that may interfere with the treatment.
It depends on the individual and your personal situation, but it is highly recommended to receive a treatment twice a month. During a difficult or particularly stressful time, a weekly massage can be a life-saver. There are some treatments that are very valuable when received as a series. Your consultant can advise on this.
Please check with your doctor but in general, massage therapy is recommended after the first trimester. Certain therapies are not recommended during pregnancy so please let your consultant know at your appointment.
After your treatment, you will be able to relax quietly on the massage table for a few minutes, experiencing mental, emotional, and physical calmness and deep nourishment. Your therapist will wipe the herbal oil off with hot towels which also aids in the penetration of oil into your body. After getting dressed, you’ll be shown to our specially designed meditation space where you can relax with a cup of soothing Ayurvedic detox herbal tea. You can choose to meditate or simply sit quietly, sip your tea and reconnect with the world after the treatment experience. It is advised that you avoid sensory input from computers, cell phones, TV’s and stressful situations for a few hours. To maximise the oil’s effectiveness and absorption into your skin, try and wait 1.5-2 hours before showering.
Yes we have special treatments for stress and anxiety. Please call 9418011800 for more details so the receptionist can ask about your present condition and will then advise you on what is suitable for you.
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Some private health insurers cover Ayurvedic treatments under complementary therapies. Please call us or your insurer to find out more.
Absolutely not! Ayurveda seeks to help maintain health and well-being and build upon what is already in place. You might be surprised how an Ayurvedic treatment gently restores balance and treats any little niggles that you might be experiencing.