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What is Vamanam?

Vamanam is a vomiting therapy. It is done to treat problems caused due to aggravated Kapha. Vamanam is helpful for diseases like Dandruff, Asthma, PCOD, Sinusitis or certain types of Headache. This therapy helps in eliminating the excess of mucus from the body. Vamanam should be done under the expert guidance otherwise it may not get the desired results and do more harm.

The treatment of Vamanam is done early in the morning when Kapha is intense. The night before the therapy, Kapha aggravating foods are provided to the patient like curd, pastries, black gram and fish (in case the patient is non-vegetarian). Proper rest is advised after undergoing Vamanam therapy.

Vamanam is not advisable to those who: -

  1. Has Piles.
  2. Are suffering from Giddiness.
  3. Are aged, or pregnant.
  4. Has a defective vision.

Benefits of Vamanam

  1. It promotes good appetite and lightness in the chest.
  2. Helpful in reducing weight as well as cholesterol.
  3. Provides relief from congestion, wheezing and breathlessness.

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