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What is Shiro Vasti?

Shiro Vasti is also known as Shiro Basti. It is done to provide relief to patients from neurological health problems. Anyone who wants strong immunity for physical as well as mental health, then he/she must engage in Shiro Vasti. In Shiro Vasti, the patient first sits on a wooden stool and the head is secured with a leather cap, so the oil doesn't leak out. It acts as a container to hold the medicated oil. The oil stays on the head for roughly 45 minutes and is then drained out. After the treatment, the head of the patient is cleaned with a cloth and medicated oil is massaged on the head, shoulders and arms. Usually the oils used for Shiro Vasti are Brahmi, Bala, Chandanabala, etc. The whole duration of Shiro Vasti procedure might vary from patient to patient.

Benefits of Shiro Vasti

  1. Helpful in Deafness & Facial Paralysis
  2. Treats Deafness & Optic Atrophy
  3. Nourishes the roots of the hair and improves skin complexion.
  4. It promotes intellect by preventing psychosomatic diseases.
  5. Relieves Sinusitis problems.

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