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Training Offered By Us

Learn Panchakarma Practical on Patients Specially for B.A.M.S doctors and internees 1 month training under the guidance of World renowned Panchkarma Expert : Dr Manoj Virmani with 26 yrs of experience

Training Available At Ayurveda Guru

Training Name Training Period Fee Register
Free Panchkarma Training 1 Year Free Register
1 Month Panchakarma training 1 Month Rs. 15000 Register
3 Months Panchakarma Training 3 Months Rs. 40000 Register
Online Panchakarma Training 1 Month Rs. 15000 Register
7 Days Training 7 Days Rs. 5000 Register



Panchkarma Training is important for BAMS graduates for a successful career in Medical Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic Health Centres in India who offer Panchkarma Training Courses, but practical implementation of the Ayurvedic knowledge is more important than theoretical cramming. This is where AyurvedGuru separates itself from other Panchkarma Training institutes. AyurvedGuru was started in 1996 by Dr Manoj Virmani with a single mission in mind- to make India disease-free. Apart from treating people from chronic diseases, AyurvedGuru also provides Panchkarma Training to BAMS graduates. Students will learn everything by practicing on live patients under the guidance of Dr Manoj Virmani himself.  

Panchkarma training course

AyurvedGuru offers four main Panchkarma training programs: -


  1. One Month Panchkarma Training- Rs. 15000 
  2. Three Month Panchkarma Training- Rs. 40000
  3. Free Panchkarma Training for 1 Year (Terms and Conditions Apply)- FREE
  4. Online Panchkarma Training- Rs. 15000
  5. One Week Panchkarma Training- Rs. 5000 


Here are some of the key attraction of our Panchkarma Training Course: -


  1. The student will learn full Pradhan Karma from Vamana, Virechna, Vasti, Nasya & Raktamokshana. 
  2. Keraliya Panchkarma.
  3. Staff Management
  4. Finance Management
  5. Documents Management
  6. Marketing Management
  7. How students can start their own Ayurvedic Clinic


Ayurveda uses two main treatment procedures: -



In Shamana treatment, the focus is on reducing the effects of “ama” collected in the body. It reduces or eliminates the symptoms surrounding the patient.



The roots of the disease are eradicated completely to fully treat the disease in Shodhan Chikitsa. Shodhan is better in contrast to Shamana, because not only it eliminates symptoms of disease but also the causes of it. 





Dr Manoj Virmani is a renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner having more than 26 years of experience in curing patients suffering from both acute and chronic diseases. Dr Virmani has been awarded several accolades for his contribution to the medical field. Most importantly, he himself had his Panchkarma Training from Kerala -Arya Vaidya Chikitsalyam and Research Institute, Coimbatore, which is the hub of Indian Panchkarma. It should be noted, that he is also the author of two Ayurvedic informatic books called, ‘Ayurved Dwarang -Sabhi Sukhi-Sabhi Nirogi” and “Shrestha Santan Utpati ke Upaaye.”


Here are some awards, he has been awarded over the years: -


  1. Dr Virmani has been awarded by “Atreya Samman” for Excellence in Ayurveda by VAP Rohtak.
  2. He has been given “Award of Honour” by Buddha Group of Institutions for teaching skill to common society.
  3. He has the record of ‘1123’ Panchkarmas in a month. 
  4. For his outstanding contribution to Better Medical Services, he was chosen for “Pride of Karnal” Award. 
  5. His writings have been actively published in leading Health Magazines and Newspapers, and he’s chaired many sessions and seminars.


Here are some instructions about training that should be noted in advance: -


  • The training program will be held at Vaidya Ayurvedguru Pvt. Ltd. 95, Dyal Singh Colony, Karnal –132001 Haryana.
  • Eligibility – B.A.M.S. Doctors, Internees, and Students.
  • There’s a concession for students who come in pairs or groups. 10% discount on fees for a pair and a 20% discount for a group of students. 
  • Food and accommodation are not included.
  • The training starts from 7th of every month.
  • The theory will be taught through screen in Online Panchkarma Training, but the internee has to come for one week at Vaidya AyurvedGuru, Karnal Centre for practical Panchkarma training.