Learn Panchakarma Practical on Patients Specially for B.A.M.S doctors and internees 1 month training under the guidance of World renowned Panchkarma Expert : Dr Manoj Virmani with 26 yrs of experience

Training will start from 7th of the month

Panchakarma is a therapeutic way of eliminating toxic elements from the body. It balances the state of mind and body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha in Ayurveda) therefore gives a complete rejuvenation and maintains health. This treatment gives a permanent solution for knee pains, stress, headache, & other general illness.

Key attractions of the training.

  • Full Pradhan Karma including vamana, virechana, vasti, nasya & raktamokshana.
  • Poorva karma including all snehan & swedan.
  • Keraliya panchkarma
  • Preparation of oils and medicines used in panchkarma
  • How to manage an Ayurveda hospital
  • Staff management
  • Finance management
  • Documents management
  • Marketing management
  • How to start our own clinic/ hospital in Ayurveda.

Other details about the training.

  • The training program will be held at Vaidya Ayurvedguru Pvt. Ltd. 95, Dayal Singh Colony, Karnal –132001 Haryana
  • Eligibility – B.A.M.S. doctors, internees and students
  • Maximum number of seats – 5
  • Registration and training fees - INR 5000(7 days), 15000(1 Month) 
  • Food and accommodation are not included.
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