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What is Karna Purana?

In Karna Purana, the middle ear is administered with medicated liquid. This allows the individual to relax down and enjoy peace. The Panchkarma treatment for Karna Purana begins with a vibrant neck and head massage, and then massage is done on the ears. After that, the outer ear canal is filled with highly effective oils that are lukewarm and are known to lessen the nerve tension. This treatment may also be helpful in ear ache and toothache. Once the ears are completely full, the person rests in such a position for the full absorption of oil in the ears. Traditionally sesame seeds oil or medicated ghee is used in the Karnapurana.

According to Ayurveda, the ears of a human being are a place where Vata Dosha resides and Karna Purana is helpful in calming it down by keeping ears moist, smooth, and stable.

Benefits of Karna Purana

  1. The Karnapurana therapy is helpful for someone with ringing in ears.
  2. Also aids in jaw pain and neck pain.
  3. It cleans the dryness and impurities of the ear canal.
  4. It also relieves headache and reduces vertigo.

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