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Every parent wants to have a healthy and lovely baby, and that’s why they make sure their offspring gets all the required nutrition from the beginning. It is believed in Ayurveda that a baby’s mental development begins as soon as he/she is conceived. Therefore, it is usually advised to pregnant mothers to stay happy and listen to calming music, as it can have a profound effect on behavioural progress of the baby. Ayurvedic practice, called Garbh Sanskaar, is all about educating foetus’s mind in the womb. We can trace back its reference in our ancient scriptures like Mahabharta and Ashtavakra Geeta. Garbh Sanskaar is also an essential part of our Ayurvedic Texts.

Garbh Sanskaar is entirely safe and is beneficial for both mother and baby. Therefore, Ayurvedguru is starting Garbh Sanskaar (Prenatal) course for mothers-to-be, so that they can remain positive and stress-free throughout their prenatal journey. It ensures healthy delivery of the new member in the family. The baby will learn good values in the womb itself. Our course is categorically divided into three parts: -

  1. Beej Sanskaar
  2. Garbh Sanskaar
  3. Bal Sanskaar

Let’s look at each of them in detail: -

Beej Sanskaar: -

In Beej Sanskaar, the ovum and sperm get detoxified by Panchkarma, so that they can be in their purest form and do not have any abnormalities and genetic disorders. Mothers also study pregnancy diet plans and probable days for conception. Natural treatments like Uttar BastiPichu Dharan and Dhawan enhance the internal environment of mother’s womb.

Beej Sanskaar is a must for: -

  1. A healthy baby with great intellectual
  2. Infertility
  3. PCOD
  4. Recurrent Abortions
  5. Congenital Anomalies

Garbh Sanskaar: -

In Sanskrit, ‘Garbh’ means foetus and “Sanskaar” means educating the mind. It is a critical phase for developing a healthy bond between the mother and the baby. A healthy mother gives birth to a physically and mentally healthy child. In Garbh Sanskaar classes, mothers will learn: -

  1. Self-Care During Pregnancy
  2. Diet During Pregnancy
  3. Exercises During Pregnancy
  4. Baby Holding and Baby Wrapping workshop
  5. Pranayam and Yoga During Pregnancy
  6. Breast Feeding
  7. Post Natal Care
  8. Importance of Reading During Pregnancy

Bal Sanskaar: -

Bal Sanskaar is all about baby care post-delivery. In this unique class, the mothers will learn baby care and feeding after birth. It includes the teaching of common practices like baby holding, feeding and sanitation. Importance and right massage techniques are also taught to the mother.

Why should you join AyurvedGuru’s Prenatal Classes?

If you’re a mother expecting a child, here are the top three reasons why you should be joining our prenatal classes: -

  1. To develop a strong bond between you and your child.
  2. Delivery of healthy and confident child.
  3. To impart spiritual and positive thoughts in baby from beginning.

If you are interested in joining our course, PRIOR REGISTRATION is compulsory. Our faculty includes an experienced team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Dietician, Yogacharya and Meditation Guru. The course fee for a single individual is Rs. 2000 and for a couple it’s Rs. 3000. If you’re interested in joining, then call us at 94160 11800 to get yourself registered.

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