7 health tips that will change your life

Lifestyle activities and health are inter-related. How you live and what you eat have a direct influence on your overall physical and mental well-being.  The day-to-day choices you make determine whether you will be able to maintain vitality as you age or will you otherwise develop numerous life-shortening diseases like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, lung disorders, etc. Over time, our eating and living habits have changed. Inertia, overindulgence on processed food and lack of physical activities has surrounded most of us.

Despite all, it is possible to achieve personal fitness goals and to maintain a physique that is appealing. All that one has to do to enjoy a healthier and happier life is to give-up excuses. Excuses include laziness, unavailability of workout resources and a busy schedule. These are the major barriers in one’s way to lead a healthier and happier life. One must bring a bit of dietary and lifestyle changes to his life. Though it is not easy to implement all these changes together, gradually working towards the changes will increase the odds of success.

Here we are describing some of the best, simple and effective health tips. Sticking to them helps people to reshape their body without going to a gym, being on a fad diet, compromising the food intake or having to spend more time on thinking how to exercise than actually performing it.

Say NO to Fad Diet

If you have been depending upon bread and water for long, it’s time to think once again. Fad diets don’t help you to keep the weight off for a long term. Instead, they might make you feel unwell and prevent you from getting the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly. Therefore, it’s time to say “sayonara” to these diets and time to include a “RAINBOW DIET”- a diet that is inclusive of all types of minerals and not just restricted to a single type.

Fit Exercise into your routine

No matter, what your workout routine is, spending at least 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 4 days a week can turn heads around you. Exercise counteracts the harmful effects of a high-fat diet. Regular exercise increases the oxygen level in the body, burns extra calories and fat, aids in a sound sleep and improves the blood circulation. Running, cycling and walking are some easy-to-do and effective exercises that can bring a miracle. Besides, these can be performed by people of any age group.

Keep Calm

Our body has a very complicated relationship with stress. Stress can significantly affect our physical as well as mental health, causing serious complications like sleep disorders, high blood pressure or heart diseases. It also tends to promote unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and overeating. No matter how low you feel before stress, there are always ways to overcome stress. Stress management and mind-relaxation activities keep you calm, relax and moreover happier.

Guzzle Water

Water is a no-calorie drink. It is the most vital component that our body needs for survival. Keeping your body properly hydrated is necessary for seamless functioning of the body organs. In addition, water acts as a natural detox that removes toxins from the body, thus keep both the skin and body healthy.

Crush your Crazy Cravings

When the sudden unpredictable salty, sugary and fatty junk food cravings call out to you, all what you require to do is self-control; which means not to act immediately. Crush your crazy cravings by providing your body with some nutritious options. For instance, sugar cravings can be suppressed by eating fruits or even dry-fruits. They are nutritious as well as suppress sugar cravings. 

Sunshine and Fresh Air

There are many benefits of venturing out into the sunlight. Perhaps the most vital is the production of vitamin D. Our skin starts producing Vitamin-D when exposed to the sunlight. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous, which in turn are beneficial for growth and development of bones. If the body does not get enough Vitamin-D, the odds of getting certain cancers, bone abnormalities (such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis), obesity, diabetes and depression increase. Sunlight is not the only source of Vitamin D. Our body can also replenish Vitamin D from cod liver oil, dairy products, meat and egg.

Break Bad Habits

It is never too late to overcome your bad habits. Apparently by dominate over them with a healthy lifestyle. Take the first step, that is, evaluate yourself and identify all the bad habits you have inculcated over the years. Note them down, be it drinking alcohol, watching extra TV, bad eating habits, sleeping and getting up late, or whatsoever. Next, know the reason as to why they are real trouble or dangerous for you. Also, why they should be eliminated or completely avoided in order to live a happy and peaceful life. Now being aware of their harmful effects to your life, set new goals. Focus on that what is right for you. Refuse to give up on yourself. Maintain a record of your progress towards a healthy lifestyle. And reward yourself on achieving each mini success.

P.S. - Get help if you aren’t able to achieve what you are looking for. There's no shame in asking for help from family members, good friends, relatives or your doctor.

Sometimes, all you need is to love and embrace yourself the way you are. Just smile irrespective of the situations and circumstances. Stay happy, stay healthy!

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