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Lukewarm Water Benefits as per Ayurveda

Submitted by Amit Sharma on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 16:55

Drinking the perfect amount of water every day has its own benefits but Drinking at least one glass of lukewarm water in the morning has amazing and numerous benefits in your life.

As per Ayurveda lukewarm water is one of the best ways to detoxify your body. And it acts quite differently on the human body than Coldwater.

According to Ayurveda, regular sipping of hot water helps in balancing the Doshas of your body. Imbalanced Doshas are one of the top reasons for disease. It helps in cleansing the blockage of channels to a very extent such as the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc. And that's how it helps in the treatment of the disease.

Lukewarm Water Benefits

In Ayurveda, impurities and toxins are known as Ama. The production of Ama happens because of low digestion this results in incomplete digested food in the gut and that's how Ama forms and it creates disturbance throughout the human body.


Removal of Ama


Drinking Hot water works effectively in restricting the formation and Removing Ama.

As hot water passes through your Digestion system it cleanses the entire tract and will remove all impurities; Ama and then the assimilation of food will improve as well as in Elimination.

It helps in removing metabolic waste more effectively. It travels through your circulatory system and opens circulatory channels, and helps in removing Ama. And this results in delivering nutrition more effectively.

Maybe it is hard for you to drink a whole glass of hot water at once. Just boil some water and put it in a flask and pour a small amount of it and sip frequently throughout the day up to half an hour.


Conditions of Drinking Hot Water


Hot water should not be given to those patients who have excessive vitiation of Pitta or if they have a burning sensation, dizziness, or Diarrhea. So, Regular consumption of lukewarm water is considered if you are suffering from burning sensation and heat. Too much hot water can damage your tongue.


You can add some Herbs like few slices of ginger root or turmeric root, and you may add lime juice if you want, this will increase the cleansing work of lukewarm water.



Benefits of Hot Water


Other than removing impurities from the body there are some other benefits too:

  • Helps in improve digestion

  • Drinking Hot water is good for a sore throat.

  • Mix one spoon of Honey with Hot water helps in the treatment of Obesity

  • It helps is cleaning Bladder

  • Drinking hot water at night is much recommended in the treatment of fever.

There are uncountable benefits of Drinking Hot water.

Ayurveda is full of wonders, and Ayurvedguru will always be there for you to treat your illness.


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