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Psoriases क्या है ?

Psoriases is a chronic disease in which skin cells build up and form red-dry and itchy patches covered with scales. It is commonly related to the immune system and is known to cause much physical and emotional harm to the survivor’s body.


Much dry skin that may lead to bleeding, Inflamed patches of skin, Soreness may occur around patches, Painful joints, Plaques and white scales over red patches, Burning and Itching around patches, Pitted nails and swollen joints


The major complications experienced in psoriases are:

  • Joints damage.
  • Obesity.
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Affected Eyes.
  • Diabetes may occur.

Psoriases may lead to skin or several other infections in the body.

  • • It may cause a Strep Throat.
    • May injured the skin as a scrape, sunburn or a bug bite.
    • Deficiency of Vitamin D.
  • To prevent Psoriases, it is advisable-
    1. Avoid much stress.
    2. Avoid medicines that lead to Flare-ups.
    3. Use Moisturizers.
    4. Get Vitamin D from sun.
    5. Pamper yourself in cold, dry weather.
Diet & Lifestyle

Take Dry nuts and seeds, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Beans and legumes, Natural oils, Probiotic yogurt and poultry, Fatty fish


Home Remedies
  • • Turmeric can help in Psoriasis.
    • Salt Baths.
    • It is good to maintain a healthy weight.
    • Aloe vera is a better option to heal.
    • Oregon grape and humidifier.
    • Stress-relieving work out .
Ayurvedic Treatment

Intake onions and garlic to purify the blood, Hygienic food to reduce inflammation, Take food that purifies Blood, Intake neem to boost the immune system, Use Jasmine flower paste to avoid Itching

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