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What is Avagaham?

In Malayalam Language, Avagaham means Deep Knowledge or bath. If you love taking baths and feeling refreshed, then you are going to love Avagaham Panchkarma Treatment.

In Avagaham, the body is immersed in specially formulated herbal fluid or oil to relax the whole body. In this Panchkarma Treatment, a person is made to sit in a medicated liquid solution. The liquid is prepared according to the health condition and filled in the tub. After that, the person lies in the tub after being fully anointed with oil. The temperature of the solution is usually maintained by adding hot water. Two or three therapists on the side will massage you and keep pouring water in the tub. The duration of this bath usually depends upon your medical condition.

Benefits of Avagaham

  1. Reduces Inflammation
  2. Accelerate Healing
  3. Strengthen of the Area
  4. Best for Women's Health Diseases
  5. Helpful in Urinary System problems
  6. Helpful in Piles

You should not take Avagaham, if: -

  1. You have Herpes
  2. It's your menstruation time
  3. You are very weak
  4. You have Hepatitis
  5. You are Pregnant.
  6. You have Diabetes.