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What is Purvakarma?

'Purvakarma' includes the procedure required to prepare the body for deep cleansing. The steps involved in Poorvakarma vary from patient to patient. It has started approximately two week before starting those rigorous panchkarma therapies. Purvakarma might include breathing, exercising etc. There are two main methods in Poorva Karma: Snehan & Swedana. Purvakarma is extremely important for taking full benefit of Panchkarma treatment. In Snehan therapy, the patient's external as well as internal organs are taken care of. Fats & Sesame Oil are also ingested over a period of 3-7 days. Furthermore, oil is applied on the skin by a variety of massage techniques. The Swedana therapy applies heat through a variety of methods i.e. by using hot poultices, vapor, hot showers, and steam baths. Swedana helps the body in releasing heaviness, stiff & fever in the body. ' Benefits of Purvakarma Prepares the whole body for the Panchkarma therapies.

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