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What is Gandoosham?

In Gandoosham, the patient needs to hold the medicinal oil and herbal plants in mouth and gargle for some time. He/She keeps the mouth upwards till it gets filled with phlegm or till secretions come from Nose/Eyes. Gandoosham is necessary to restore the health of gums & teeth.

The following fluids are recommended for Gandoosha: -

  1. Ghee/Milk
  2. Sesame Oil
  3. Warm Water
  4. Honey
  5. Triphala Solution

Here are some points to take care of: -

  1. Don't swallow the liquid after gargling. This can be really harmful to your health.
  2. Try to keep the liquid a bit warm or at least at room temperature.
  3. This practice should be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Gandoosham

  • This therapy is helpful in fixing the loose teeth.
  • It prevents tooth decay as well as the sensitivity of teeth.
  • It also treats bleeding gums and eliminates foul smell from the mouth.

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