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The aim of Ayurveda is to give complete health and not just relieve us from physical diseases. So to become completely healthy one needs to know each and every part of him including mind and soul. Ayurveda aims at making a happy, healthy and peaceful society.

Two of the most important aims of Ayurveda are:
- To maintain the health of healthy persons.
- To cure the diseases of sick people.

One part of Ayurveda deals only with maintaining health. The word health here does not mean only physical health but also spiritual and mental health. People may not have any physical problem but still may not be feeling happy or comfortable. Problems like depression, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia from which most of us are suffering to some extent, mainly originate due to a sick mind and soul.

Unfortunately, most of our activities in the modern world through which we strive of happiness and peace are related to the physical body and materialism only. We never, or rarely, pay any attention to the other half which is equally important, i.e., the mind and the soul.

To many of us, these words might sound outdated or of no use in modern society. But they are responsible for a half of our health. Our actions, foods and life styles which we follow to achieve happiness and peace may not be healthy to our mind and soul. That is why, in spite of following the best health rules and taking all precautions, we are not happy and peaceful.
Most of the time, we feel anxious, depressed and insecure. Why then are we following those guidelines?

It is because no one has ever taught us about the other half of our life. We normally do something, whatever it may be, to find enjoyment, happiness and peace. And we put in our best efforts and resources to achieve this. But we are not able to achieve it even after our best endeavour. This indicates that there is something wrong in our approach or something is missing somewhere. What is that something? It is our mind and soul. We simply can't ignore this important aspect of our health. The mind and the soul require equal attention as does our body. All through our life we make all possible efforts to have our body be happy and comfortable. Our habits or emotions like anger, greed, passion, attachment, jealousy, Lack of concern for other creatures, lying, disrespecting of elders, narrow mindedness and selfishness are unhealthy for us. We may not realize this but they are the cause of most of our mental problems.


What can we do? Ayurveda is the perfect answer to this question. It helps us in understanding each individual at a very subtle, personal level and gives us a detailed protocol for diet, daily routines and activities to be followed. It teaches how to live in society and in the universe without disturbing the natural balance.

In a nutshell, the aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the healthy and cure the diseases of sick.