Code Name of the Course


AG 1 Basic Principle of Ayurveda One week
AG 2 Ayurvedic Massage Techniques One week
AG 3 Diagnosis in Ayurveda One week
AG 4 Ayurveda Cooking One week
AG 5 Cultivation of Indian Herbal Plants One week
AG 6 Ayurvedic Management for PMS One week
AG 7 Ayurveda Management of Infertility One week
AG 8 Ayurveda Concepts for Women Care Two weeks
AG 9 Ayurveda for Better Conception Two weeks
AG 10 Ayurveda Care in Pregnancy Two weeks
AG 11 Ayurveda Approach to Child Care Two weeks
AG 12 Ayurveda managment of Gynae Problems Two weeks
AG 13 Prakriti: Physical Constitution (Body Type) Two weeks
AG 14 The Mental Constitution in Ayurveda Two weeks
AG 15 Introduction to Charaka Samhita Two Weeks
AG 16 Introduction to Sushrut Samhita Two Weeks
AG 17 Introduction to Ashtang Hridayam Two Weeks
AG 18 Introduction of Ashtang Sangreh Two Weeks
AG 19 Rejuvenation in Ayurveda-Rasayana Two Weeks
AG 20 Aphrodisiac in Ayurveda-Vajikarana Two Weeks
AG 21 Panchakarma Therapy Two Weeks
AG 22 Beauty Care with Ayurveda Two Weeks
AG 23 Sex management with Ayurveda Two Weeks
AG 24 Old age management with Ayurveda Two Weeks
AG 25 Home remedies for common problems One Week
AG 26 Hypertension management with Ayurveda One Week
AG 27 Diabetes management with Ayurveda One Week
AG 28 Stress management with Ayurveda Two Weeks
AG 29 Obesity management with Ayurveda Two Weeks
AG 30 Panchkarma in Dialy life  Two Weeks


Special offer:

If you are a group of 2 to 5 people we will offer you a 10% discount. If you are a group of 6 to 10 people we will offer you a 15% discount. If you are a group of 11 to 20 people we will offer you a 20% discount. If you are a group of  21 and above then we will offer you a 25% discount.

Our training Methodology :

Above courses includes Practical training, Expert lectures by highly qualified faculties, individual demonstration of different measures of Panchakarma therapy on trainee him/herself, training material and a CD-ROM on Ayurveda. There will be 90 minutes theory class and 3 hours of practical during Training Period. The facility of Yoga classes will be available at the same time if trainees would like to get it. There will be regular assignments to evaluate your performance. One can register for multiple courses at the same time. We shall provide you a certificate after completion of the program. We are confident that after completion of the course you would be able to work as Ayurveda therapist help yourself and others. Faculty: Our professionals are MD's/PhD's from top Ayurveda institutes of India and very fluent in English.

Our location and accommodation:

Our centre is in Karnal, Haryana,  Driving Distance: 133 km  (82.94 miles), Travel Time: 2 hrs and 29 mins from India Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. If you wish, we can also arrange to pick up facility from Delhi International Airport. We would need your flight details to arrange a taxi for you. We arrange accommodation and foods at our centre or in nearby good hotels (Good, Three Star and Five Star) for our trainees; or you can stay with an Indian family as a house paying guest.

How to register:

We arrange training program regularly at our centre. Since our training programs are customized so generally they are arranged at your convenient dates. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the subjects of your interests. We shall get back to you immediately with further details.