Product ​ name​ : Indigestion

Description : The Supplements reduces aggravated tridoshas and helps digestion by increasing peristaltic movement. This special formulation of trusted natural ingredients, which quickly control acidity, flatulence and indigestion is a good remedy for digestive disorders. We have chosen quality herbal ingredients from organic environs and employed processes that are primed to give you a balanced product without contamination or loss of potency. This is a pure herbal product with no additives.

Ingredients :

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Precautions :

1. Try not to chew with your mouth open, talk while chewing, or eat too fast. This causes you to swallow too much air, which can aggravate indigestion.

2. Drink fluids after rather than during meals.

3. Avoid late-night eating.

4. Try to relax after meals.

5. Avoid spicy foods.

6. Stop smoking.

7. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Age group & sex : For Males and Females over 12 years of Age

How to use the medicine : As Suggested By the Physician

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