What it is ?

The immune system is the most important system of the body when it comes to preventing diseases. We are all born with different levels of immune systems. Some have a stronger immune system than others. But there are many things that can weaken an adequately strong immune system. The immune system defends the body from developing potentially harmful diseases and conditions caused by bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral infections. The immune system also restricts tumors and cancerous growths inside the body. Ayurvedguru Special Formulated product that strengthens the body’s immunity, protecting you from infections, cough, cold & stress.

What Causes it?

1. Stress

2. Not Enough Exercise.

3. Lack of Sleep.

4. Improper Nutrition.

How Supplements can help ?

1. Immunity Booster supplements detoxifies the body.

2. Keep Away Allergies causing Cough & Cold.

3. These jars are air sealed keeping the product fresh and protected for longer time.

4. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features.

5. It brings you the best of advanced science and ancient wisdom to support the complex network of cells that keeps your body healthy.

Additional Benefits :

1. Give Powerful support for immune system health ,

2. Formulated with traditional herbs known to support immune function , hence make body stronger and healthier.

3. Increase Body Immunity, protects you from infections, cough, cold & stress.

Diet :

Elderberry, Yoghurt, Oats & Berry, Butter Mushroom, Oysters, Watermelon, Cabbage Almonds, Grapefruit, Spinach, Tea, Sweet potato, Broccoli