HIV/AIDS And Ayurveda

LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 25, This Day — Since the discovery of the killer virus AIDS way back in the early eighties, the fraternity of Medical research all the world over, has been dedicatedly working to develop an effective permanent cure for this dreaded disease but with no real breakthrough that has been clinically tested and certified. Meanwhile the killer virus has been spreading unabated since the eighties. It is feared that the percentage of people getting afflicted with HIV is growing at an astronomical rate of 25% each year over the globe.

All that the research till date has yielded is the discovery for additional types of HIV viruses HIVI, HIVII, HlVIII, HIVIV, each new type deadlier than the original find. The allopathic researches resulted in development of AZT that is supposed to only extend the life span of the infected person marginally and in the recent times with a few more Pharmaceutical companies have come into the fray with less expensive treatment. Still the HIV afflicted miserable continues to suffer in pain and agony.

While allopathic research has been in vain for a cure, the alternate systems of medicines, in particular Ayurveda that originated in India deserves a special attention. Ayurveda is getting extensively popular, as it seems to have in it an effective treatment and cure for this dreaded virus. As per texts of Ayurveda, AIDS has been existence since centuries and so is the treatment!!!

Ayurveda is the science of life in India. “Ayu” means life and Veda means knowledge or Science. Ayurveda views health as an unlimited composite of all features of life, treats human life as part of environment, focuses on balance in body and mind and uses herbs as food supplement. Though effective cures could be there in other systems of medicine, which are rather nature based, and not synthetics, they get confined to private uses. In the recent times, there have been cases where quite a large number of HIV infected patients are reported to have got phenomenal relief through the Ayurvedic treatment, recording positive results in an unbelievably short span of less than 12 months’ with no side effects!

The Ayurvedic system of medicine originated several centuries ago. It uses only the naturally available herbs. The disease symptoms and the formulation of herbs and the course of treatments are exhaustively documented in Sanskrit language in books like Charaka Samihta, Asthanga Hridayam, and Sahasrayogam etc. In Ayurveda the name given to AIDS is ‘Ojakshaya’, meaning loss of energy. The verses 72/75 of chapter “Upakalpneeya” in the book Charka Sambita depict the clinical picture of ‘Ojakshaya’, which a tally, with that of modern day AIDS. Shosha is another condition, which results from loss of energy that is similar to AIDS.

Researchers on the AIDS have widely accepted that long-term survivors of AIDS are people using some form of natural or complimentary/ alternate therapy. Magic Johnson, the famous basket ball player whose viral activity is now reportedly infinitesimal and gained 14 kgs. say he did not take AZT but not willing to say what medicines he takes! Could he be taking Ayurvedic treatment?

All seems not lost for the HIV inflicted persons as the Ayurvedic supplements are proven to be harmless without any side effects and there can only be improvement and not deterioration. While on the macro front the policy makers and leaders of Allopathic medicine cry foul on the claims of alternate systems of medicine, on the micro level, quite many conscientious allopath are recommending their patients to Ayurveda, albeit on the sly.