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Dr. Manoj
Dr. Manoj Virmani did Bachelor of Ayurveda and MD(A.Med.) and worked with Dr. K.S.Varrier, world renowned
Ayurvedic physician ………….
More about the Doctor Dr. Manoj Virmani did Bachelor of Ayurveda and MD(A.Med.) and worked
with Dr. K.S.Varrier, world renowned Ayurvedic physician.Dr. Manoj Virmani has developed treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis, Paralysis, Weakness of nervous system, Infertility (both male & female), High blood pressure and many more and has successfully treated these diseases through Ayurveda.
Specialization of Doctor Paralysis, Rheumatoid arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Sexual problems.
Years of Practice 8
Current area of Research Ayurveda and overall development of kids
Cases Done Till Now More than 10000
Credits and Awards Earned Dr. Virmani has been honoured by local bodies for his contribution.
Treatments offered by Dr. Manoj Virmani
Treatment for Arthritis —Arthritis
Treatment for Asthma —Respiratory Problems
Treatment for Azoospermia —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Cervical Spondilytis —Bone and Muscular Joint Related Problems
Treatment for Delaid Mile Stones
Treatment for Disc Prolapsed —Bone and Muscular Joint Related Problems
Treatment for Discharge of semen with urine(dhat) —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Hair Loss —Hair Related Problems
Treatment for Hemiplegia (one sided Paralysis) —Neurological Disorders
Treatment for Hyperthyroidism —Hormonal Imbalance
Treatment for Inability to intercourse (males) —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for loose hand grip —Neurological Disorders
Treatment for Low Sperm Count —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Muscular wasting/Distrophy —Bone and Muscular Joint Related Problems
Treatment for Paralysis —Neurological Disorders
Treatment for Premature ejaculation —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Skin Disorders —Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Treatment for Throat —Ear Nose Throat Diseases
Treatment for Weakness of Nervous System —Neurological Disorders
Treatment for Gout —Bone and Muscular Joint Related Problems
Treatment for Hypertension —Blood Pressure
Treatment for Diabetes —Diabetes
Treatment for Spinal stenosis —Neurological Disorders
Treatment for Parkinson Disease —Neurological Disorders
Oil treatment for arthritis —Arthritis
Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Unwanted Hair Removal —Hormonal Imbalance
Treatment for Grey Hair —Hair Related Problems
Treatment for Night Fall (Night Emission) —Sexual Problems ( Male)
Treatment for Piles (Bleeding/Non-Bleeding) —Piles