Depression क्या है ?

Depression is a medical condition that negatively impacts how we feel, think and act. It is 100% treatable, but it is also true that allopathy medicines can have certain negative side effects on mental health. In Depression, there are mixed feelings of despondency, despair, disinterest, and sadness for more than two continuous weeks. The person suffering from Depression loses interest in activities, that he/she one used to enjoy. According to Ayurveda, the imbalance of psychic energies like Sattva, Rajas, Tamas are believed to cause mental disorders. Emotions such as hatred, anger etc. also cause an imbalance in these energies.



Difficulty in Concentration.
Social Isolation.
Perennial feeling of worthlessness.


There can be many causes of Depression. Genetic, Environmental, and Cognitive factors can be blamed for causing mood disorders such as Depression. Stress may also aggravate the whole situation of mental agony. Recent studies done in the field of medical science suggests that depression can be the result of an imbalance in neurotransmitters. Various negative emotions such as anger, ill-will, animosity may also lead to depression. They cannot be due to direct effects of a substance or drug. Nor they can be the result of any medical condition like hyperthyroidism.

Ayurvedic Treatment


It is sure shot that even the best treatment in the world cannot change your circumstances. Though, Ayurvedic supplements for Depression can be helpful in working on severe symptoms like poor sleep and low concentration. They may be helpful in making mental functioning more normal and increases the ability to deal with difficult circumstances. The supplements are made of some powerful herbs that are known to relax the mental nerves.
Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatments like Shirodhara and Nasya are also very beneficial.
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Lifestyle & Diet

1. Avoid improper food habits, lack of discipline in personal life and an unsocial attitude. By maintaining a good lifestyle, eating habits, and healthy socializing, a lot of psychiatric problems can be avoided.
2. Adding Yoga, Exercising and Meditation can also be very beneficial in enhancing spiritual and mental strength.
3. By eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and maintaining regular meal timings is optimum for maintaining good mental health.
4. Avoid staying in-home, and start socializing with family, friends & acquaintances even for some time. By doing regular outdoor physical exercises, one can stay away from negative emotions.
5. Eat your meals in a relaxed mental state and not in a hurry or any negative emotion.