Development Delay Milestones

What is Development delay milestones?

Delayed milestone, also called developmental delays, is used to describe the condition where a child does not reach one of these stages at the expected age. However, in most cases, a wide variety of ages can be considered normal, and not a cause for medical concern. Milestones are often measured using percentiles, and for many milestones a value between the 5th and 95th percentile does not require intervention, though values towards the edges of that range can be associated with other medical conditions. It is not possible to treat. It has been suggested that measurement of posture sway may be an early indicator.

What Causes Development Delay?

Developmental delay can have many different causes, such as genetic causes (like Down  Syndrome), or complications of pregnancy and birth (like prematurity or infections). Often, however, the specific cause is unknown. Some causes can be easily reversed if caught early enough, such as hearing loss from chronic ear infections.

Can Developmental Delay Be Prevented?

Since there are so many different conditions that can lead to developmental delays, there isn’t one “right way” to prevent developmental delay. What’s important is to be aware of when your baby should be reaching developmental milestones and to consult your pediatrician if you think there may be a problem. Early intervention is key in helping your child overcome any developmental delays.

How supplements can help ?

A well proven pure herbal treatment by Ayurvedguru to cure different causes of delayed mile stones in children. The treatment has a very high success rate. The treatment is for the children who are not able to cope up their physical and mental abilities with their age; this may be due to lack of oxygen just after birth or due to mental disability or physical abnormality.

Diseases cured by this treatment:

Delayed mile stones, mental retardation.


In this disease the child is unable to cope up with his/her age for example : child does not start walking on his/her feet, is unable to understand others’ actions and speech.


: Varies according to patient’s age, condition and other diseases related factors

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