Kidney Stones क्या है ?

Kidney Stones are solid deposits form of salts and minerals inside the urinary tract. These stones usually cause no damage if they are recognized in a timely fashion. However, when they struck in the urinary tract, surgery might be needed. Researches have proved that individuals with kidney stones have a significantly higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Kidney stones, today, are more common in the male population than females. The pain becomes intense if stone moves in the urinary tract.


1. Severe pain inside and back, below the ribs
2. Nausea And Vomiting
3. Urgent need to urinate
4. Chills and Fever if an infection is present.
5. Urinating in small amounts

Causes, Complications & Types

One of the leading causes of Kidney stones is the lack of water in the body. Acidic environment in kidneys might also lead to the development of kidney stones. It can also be hereditary and being obese seldom leads to the development of kidney stones. Long term use of calcium supplements can lead to the formation of calcium stones.
Types of Kidney Stones: -
1. Most kidney stones are in the form of calcium stones. It can be due to calcium deposits in the body.
2. Struvite stones can be due to urinary tract infection.
3. Uric acid stones can develop in people who don't drink enough water and often indulge themselves in high-protein diet.
Complications: -
If kidney stones remain inside the body, they may lead to many health complications. This may lead to the blockage of tube and other serious complications. People with kidney stones stand a higher chance of developing chronic kidney diseases.

  • 1. Stay hydrated. By drinking water in enough amounts, one can easily prevent kidney stones. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also the best options. An average individual should try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.
    2. If you take calcium supplements, try taking them with your meal.
    3. Try to reduce salt from your diet. A high salt diet increases the chance of developing calcium stones in the kidney. So next time, read food labels carefully before buying any processed foods.
    4. Avoid Vitamin C rich foods as they may increase acidity which further becomes a reason for developing kidney stones.
    5. Ayurvedic Medical herbs like Bhumi Amla is a popular ayurvedic herb for the breaking of stones in the kidney. If consumed regularly, they can be helpful.
    6. Certain medications might also be contributing to the development of stones. It's better to consult the physician to know about it in detail.