Female infertility is the inability of women to conceive a child even after having contraceptive-free intercourse for 6- 12 months, depending upon their age. Inability to retain pregnancy to its full term is also termed as Infertility. It not only affects a woman physically but also disturbs the emotional and social life of the couple.

Most commonly, female infertility is an ovulation disorder. Ovulation is a process of releasing a matured egg from the ovary on a month basis. Some signs that a woman is not ovulating normally include abnormal, irregular, painful or absent menstrual periods.Factors such as age, stressful living conditions, dietary toxins, abnormal body weight, and certain diseases may affect a woman’s ability to conceive a child.

According to Ayurveda, conception is achieved only with healthy sperms, healthy ovum and a healthy uterus. The reproductive health of both men and women depends upon the quality of health of Shukradhathu. In men, Shukradhatu is responsible for the production of semen and in women it plays a vital role in producing ovum. The problem of infertility arises when the Shukradhatu is not nourished properly either due to consumption of incompatible food articles, suppressing natural sexual urge for a long period or when the Shukradhatu is damaged by infections, accidental injuries or malnutrition.

AyurvedGuru NO2IMPOTENCY is formulated with the pure extracts of number of potent Vaajeekarana and Rasayana herbs such as Supari, Asoka, Ashwagandha and Shatavariwhich are excellent in treating all kinds of gynecological disorders. The product is extremely useful for the women who are frequently suffering from irregular menstruation. It also helps in purifying and forming new blood hence also beneficial for skin beauty. It is effective in toning the female reproductive organs and in maintaining the pH level of vaginal secretions which prevents further infections of the genital area.

NO2IMPOTENCY tones the uterus and mitigates the probabilities of cyst or fibroids formation, therefore increases the fertility rate by facilitating the production of healthy eggs. It can also be used after miscarriage since it strengthens the uterus and provides stamina to overcome the physical weakness after a miscarriage.

Other Benefits of AyurvedGuru NO2IMPOTENCY are:

  • Increases urogenital strength
  • Enhances the chances of conception by 40-50%
  • Destress the mind and body
  • Purifies the reproductive organ tract
  • Even facilitates the fertility at older age
  • Cure frequent miscarriages
  • Opens the blocked channels of the fallopian tube
  • Works on the symptoms of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Acts as a libido enhancer too

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