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Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal infection of the skin, mostly affecting the Keratin, a protective layer of protein over the skin.  Medically known as Dermatophytosis and Tinea, Ringworm appears as highly itchy red patches on the skin. Not only the skin, patches may develop themselves on other body parts such as skin of the scalp, nails and hair where keratin is found. Ringworm is a misnomer. Earlier, it was believed to be caused by the attack of a worm, which actually it is not.  In Ayurveda, the disease is termed as “Dardu”.

Anyone can develop Ringworm; however children and the elderly are more likely to get the infection. People with sensitive skin, minor injuries or abrasions and those prone to bacterial or fungal skin problems are more susceptible to the infection. Also, those who frequently use public showers or pool or remain barefooted most of the time are at higher risk.


Ringworm, as the name sounds is not at all caused by attack of any worm. Infact, it’s a skin infection caused by the attack of fungus Trichophyton Rubrum on the skin. The fungus attaches itself to a host’s body (human or animal) much like parasites do and grows on the skin. Initially, the infection starts as a presence of small itchy red patches on the skin. And later, the patches start spreading over the body. As the patches grow larger, their centers become clear forming ring-shaped patches.

According to Ayurveda, aggravation of Vata and Kapha causes Ringworm.

How the Infection Spreads?

Ringworm infection spreads rapidly under crowded environment where close body contact is frequent. Most outbreaks of Ringworm occur in summers. This is because Trichophyton Rubrum, a fungus causing Ringworm tends to grow in warm and moist environment. The infection can also spread to a person through direct skin contact or contact with animals such as dogs, cats. Interacting with those prone to bacterial or fungal skin problems or using their belongings might raise the chances of infection.


Ringworm symptoms may not become visible immediately. It takes about 4-14 days, this is how long the fungus takes to incubate. The symptoms commonly begin as presence of small scaly itchy red patches on the skin, which gradually grow larger. If a person is experiencing Ringworm in his nails, then the nails may become brittle or discolored.


  • Keep yourself clean and hygiene
  • Avoid exchanging your personal belongings with anyone.
  • Scratching or Itching may worsen the infection, so avoid
  • If you have pets, make sure you wash your hands meticulously after interacting with them.
  • Do not remain barefooted for long, especially at public shower rooms or pool
  • Wear gloves when doing rough works or using harsh chemicals, to protect your nails


Ringworm is an annoying problem but has a silver lining. It is easy to diagnose and treat the infection. AyurvedGuru offers you a variety of herbal fungicides in forms of tablets, capsules, powder and ointments. No Ringo Ointment is a perfect blend of Lemon juice, Cassia and Angustifolia. The ointment is applied externally or topically. For patients experiencing Scalp or Nail Ringworm, No Ringo Powder has a high success rate. The powder can be applied to affected areas as a paste. No Ringo Tablets and No Ringo Capsules are enriched with herbal fungicides such as neem, papaya, gandhank rasayan, chandan and many more. These medicines are taken orally and can be used for treating other skin infections too.

It is advised not to stop the treatment for a week even after the infection has been cured. This is because there are chances that the infection may again raise.




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