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Have you ever had an itch that is persistent or provokes you to scratch? If you have, it might be possible that you have Pruritus. Pruritus is a medical term for an Itchy skin.  It is defined as an unpleasant and irritating sensation that provokes a desire to scratch. It can be associated with a number of disorders including various types of cancers, dry skin, skin disorders, and certain systemic diseases such as kidney and liver disorders. It can result from infections, drug reactions, seasonal allergies, bites and stings infestations, sun exposure and certain diseases.

An itch can either be diffuse; affecting numerous areas of the body or localized to a particular body spot. Often, itching is noticeable at night when the itch-causing mites are super active. Pruritus is generally noncontagious skin disease.


Our immune system produces histamine to protect the body against infections and allergens. When it over produce the histamine, it causes itching, swelling and redness. Besides, too much histamine in our body, Pruritus or itching is supposed to be caused by numerous reasons ranging from a mild rash to life-threatening diseases. Often it is caused by skin ailments like Eczema, Scabies and Psoriasis. Psychological causes such as stress and anxiety have also been reported to trigger Itching. If there are no visual changes in the skin, then dry skin may be a cause for Itching. Infestations and Infections of the skin are other causes of itchy skin. Depending upon the cause, the itchy skin may appear normal or red, or may have rashes, blisters and cracks.

In Ayurveda, Itching is termed as Kandu and is caused by aggravated Kapha dosha.


Pruritus is itself a symptom of major ailments including neurological disorders, systemic diseases, pregnancy and drug reactions. Appearance of redness, rashes, bumps or blisters are some of the common visual signs of the Pruritus. Sensation of as something is crawling on the skin is also Itching


  • Scratching may temporarily heal itching but must be prevented as it can cause breaks in the skin that may lead to secondary infections.
  • Stay away from the things and food items that your body is sensitive to.
  • Certain fabrics, such as wool and synthetics make the skin itchy. Shifting to cotton fabrics can be helpful
  • Sun exposure, warm and dry air can make skin dry. Dryness causes itching. Use moisturizers that suit your skin type and keep you protected


There is no general treatment for treating the disease. The problem of Itching is treated depending upon its symptoms and causes. If the problem of itching is due to any of the preexisting illness, the root cause of the problem is treated. If it is due to some allergens or drug reactions, AyurvedGuru may be advised certain antihistamines. Neem oil or powder and Marichaida Taila oil has remarkable results. Oral pills and capsules made with antihistamine herbs such as Gandhak, peppermint leaves, aloe vera, are beneficial in promoting skin health. Rooksha Dravya, Gharsana massage and Swedana have wonderful effects in treating any kind of skin related ailments.




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