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Skin Pigmentation means coloring of the skin. Our skin is an amazing organ of the body that acts as a temperature and sensation controller, holds the moisture and essential nutrients and shields the body against harmful environmental factors.  Because each person is genetically different so is their skin color. In the human body, skin color is determined by melanin, a pigment produced by specialized cells melanocytes of the skin. Whenever these cells become unhealthy or malfunctioned they affect the melanin production. If these cells start overproducing the melanin, the skin gets darker (Hyperpigmentation). Hormonal changes, sun exposure and Addison’s disease trigger the melanin overproduction. On the other hand, when these cells become inactive, the skin gets lighter (Hypopigmentation). Vitiligo causes patches of light skin.

Skin Pigmentation is as common a skin concern as it is diverse. It can erupt at any age and any life stage- from birth in form of a birthmark to age spots in middle age.  Though it is a harmless condition but from a cosmetic standpoint, it is a serious concern as it affects the overall look and self-esteem of an individual. Skin Pigmentation is irrespective of gender, race and age.


Basically, melanin is responsible for causing Skin Pigmentation disorders such as melisma (hyper pigmentary) and vitiligo (hypo pigmentary). Other root causes that may cause pigmentation include hormonal imbalance, biological conditions such as pregnancy and endothelial cells. Some environmental factors like harmful UV radiations, low-quality cosmetic products, dietary imbalances, accidental injuries and stress may cause Skin Pigmentation.

According to Ayurveda, bhranjak pitta- one of the five pitta doshas of the body provides skin a color. When environmental factor, lifestyle and dietary habits imbalance the pitta, the aggravated pitta dosha causes skin related problems like Pigmentation.


  • Uneven skin tone
  • White patches around the mouth, eyes and lips, on hands, feet and arms
  • Appearance of dark spots, scar and dark patches of the skin


  • Ingredients rich in vitamin-C and arbutin work at lightening and brightening of the skin, giving it more even complexion.
  • Turmeric acts as an elixir remedy in reducing Skin Pigmentation. Paste of turmeric power and cow milk is beneficial in improving skin tone and glow of the skin
  • Stay away from unauthentic cosmetic products
  • Drink gallons of water. Eat fresh green veggie and healthy foods to have a flawless skin from both outside and inside
  • Practice yoga and avoid alcohol and cigarettes abuse


There are no magic pills that can remove uneven patches of the skin. However, there are treatments available in Ayurveda that can effectively act on the symptoms and causes of Skin Pigmentation. According to Ayurveda, use of creams and lotions in skin disorders lead to temporary removal of the symptoms which is done in the conventional and allopathic treatments. As long as we use them, we get satisfaction but as we stop using them, it will revert to the worst condition. Skin diseases are often associated with blood vitiation with Tridosha imbalance. AyurvedGuru works on a treatment plan that pacifies all the three doshas of the body.

Specially formulated lotions, shampoos, soaps moisturizers, massage oils, and herbal teas allow you to flaunt with a flawless skin and experience an aromatic spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!




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