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Prostatitis is defined as the inflammation or infection of the prostate gland and sometimes area around it. It is a problem associated with the male reproductive system but a majority of prostate problems also affect the urinary bladder.

A prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland that lies between the bladder and the penis. Its main function is to produce a whitish fluid that gets mixed with sperms to make semen.

Unlike other prostate problems like prostate cancer and enlargement of the prostate gland that generally affect old aged men, Prostatitis can develop in men of all ages, typically under the age of 50.

In Ayurveda, it is known by the name “Mootrakruchhra” and is associated with Vayutatav.


Prostatitis is classified into following four types:

  • Acute bacterial Prostatitis: It is caused by the bacteria such as E.coli. Its symptoms are severe, develop suddenly and last for a short duration. It is the least common form of Prostatitis.
  • Chronic bacterial Prostatitis:It is defined as a recurrent bacterial infection of the prostate gland. The symptoms come and go over a period of several months.
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS): This is a symptomatic type of Prostatitis and is hardest to treat. The condition is marked by the presence or absence of infection-fighting cells in the semen, urine or prostatic fluid.
  • Asymptomatic Prostatitis: Individuals with this type of Prostatitis have no symptoms nor they complain about any discomfort but they have infection-fighting cells in their seminal fluid.

Causes of Prostatitis:

Prostatitis was earlier considered to be caused by having unsafe physical relationships, however later researches propose that just a little number of cases are passed on through sex. It can also be caused by bacterial and fungal infections of the prostate gland, bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, abnormal urinary tract and autoimmune diseases.

According to Ayurveda substances that trigger body heat and dryness in the body may play a role. Unhealthy habits like alcohol abuse, stress, overeating and indigestion are some of the causes that disturb apan-vayu and cause Prostatitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Prostatitis:

  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Difficult, painful and frequent urge to urination
  • Enlarged prostate gland
  • Reduced sex desire
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Pain in the genital and pelvic area

Precautions Against Prostatitis:

  • Basically, Prostatitis is a problem of the urinary system. Drinking adequate amount of water can help to overcome the problem of urinary infections.
  • People who spend most of their times in cold and humid atmosphere have dryness in their urinary tract. They are advised to have plenty of liquid diets.
  • Pumpkin seeds consumed with milk or honey is the best herbal cure for Prostatitis.
  • Goldenseal is a powerful antioxidant that kills bacteria responsible for Prostatitis and also shrinks the swollen prostate.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy foods

Ayurvedic Treatment:

The line of treatment includes the evacuation of toxins with internal detoxification (removing ama from the blood, fat tissues and the muscles). The supplements help in cleaning and uprooting any blockages in the urinary tract, tone the kidneys and normalize the working of apan-vayu. Also, the package helps to fight various fungal or bacterial infections, radiations, chemicals or injuries causing Prostatitis. The supplements include ingredients that maintain an overall health of the prostate gland.



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