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Oligospermia is one of the male fertility disorders which is defined as the presence of an insufficient number of sperms in the seminal fluid. Insufficient sperms means the seminal fluid contains less than 20 million healthy sperms per milliliter of it. Having low sperm count decreases the probability that one of the sperms will fertilize the egg, but it does not necessarily means that men with lower sperm count will not be able to father a child.


There are several causes that reduce the sperms count to promote male infertility. Age is the natural cause of the Oligospermia. Due to aging, hormonal secretion and functioning of the reproductive organs get slower resulting in lower sperm production.

Factors such as infections and surgery of the male reproductive organs,smoking and alcohol abuse, obesity, underweight, stress and anxiety and exposure to pollutants and toxins may result in Oligospermia.

Medical conditions such as Vasectomy, Varicoceles, diseases of the testicles and hormonal disorders that either impede the passage of normal flow of sperms or lower down the sperms formation process can also cause Oligospermia.


The primary symptom associated with Oligospermia is the inability of a sperm to fertilize an egg. In some cases, hormonal disorders, genetic factors like chromosomal abnormality, enlarged testicular veins or the conditions that obstruct the flow of sperms may cause its signs and symptoms. Other symptoms might include:

  • Lower sex drive
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • Pain, lump or swelling in the testicle area
  • Decreased growth of facial or body hair
  • Abnormal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands


  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Excess weight tends to cause testosterone/estrogen imbalance.
  • Have intercourse less frequently – the more times you have, the less thick your semen will be. Maintaining a gap of three days between two consecutive discharges is ideal.
  • Avoid smoking, drug usage and alcohol consumption
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take a low fat high protein diet – vegetables and whole grains are good for the reproductive health.
  • Avoid heat of testes – wear loose cotton briefs, avoid hot showers and saunas
  • Reduce stress level by mind relaxation techniques – keep your mind and body fit with the help of yoga and meditation.
  • Massage body with herbal oils such as ksheerbala oil which improves blood circulation.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Oligospermia:

In Ayurveda, Oligospermia is a pitta related condition. When the pitta gets imbalanced, it leads to excessive loss of shukradhatu. The treatment pacifies the aggravated pitta dosha and the supplements naturally increase the number of healthy sperms and their mobility, to allow a male to father a child.The treatment for the Oligospermia is very much similar to that of Azoospermia. The only difference lies in the course duration. The results are more prompt. At the same time Panchakarma treatment is seldom required.

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