Ayurvedic supplements included in the treatment package (for 1 month) are:
Dhatupostik Churna – 3 units – 300 gms
Pushpadanwa – 60 units – 14.30 gms
Puran Chander – 60 units – 12.00 gms
Tab Shilajit – 60 units – 19.30 gms
Immune AG Churna – 1 unit – 450 gms

Total Package gross weight – 1Kg

$96.00 $80.00


Male infertility is a fertility disorder in men which is defined as the inability of a man to cause pregnancy in a fertile woman. There was a time when infertility was a health issue related to women only. But men can have infertility issue too.

A man’s infertility is basically a sperm abnormality issue. The abnormalities may include low or poor sperm count, immobile sperms, abnormal sperm shape or any health conditions that block the sperms delivery. In women, it is referred to a state when they are not able to conceive or carry a pregnancy to its full term.

According to Ayurveda, reproductive health of men and women depends upon the health of shukradhatu.

Causes of Infertility:

In males, infertility may have structural, hormonal, psychological or lifestyle related causes. Moreover, male fertility reflects an overall health of a man. A man with healthy lifestyle is more likely to produce healthy sperms. The following list indicates some of the causes that negatively impact male fertility:

  • Sperm abnormalities like Oligospermia, Azoospermia, immobile and abnormal shaped sperms
  • Problems with sperm ejaculation like Premature Ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction
  • Disorders such as Prostatitis, Vasectomy that block sperm delivery
  • Stress, Anxiety and relationship conflicts
  • Kegel exercise
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking, intake of anabolic steroids, alcohol abuse, lack of restful sleep and physical exertion
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins such as pesticides, smoke and harmful radiations.
  • Suppression of sexual urge for a long period

Infertility Symptoms:

In case of infertility, there are no obvious signs other than an inability to conceive a child.  The intercourse, ejaculation and erection will usually happen normally in most of the cases. In some cases, however, an underlying problem such as reduced libido, changes in hair growth pattern and low self-esteem may play a role.

Precautions against Infertility :

  • Avoid foods containing preservatives and artificial sweeteners
  • Include whole grain and fiber rich foods such as juicy fruits, vegetable into your diet
  • Overcome your physical exertion with the help of mind and body relaxation activities like yoga and meditation
  • Black grams, asparagus, broccoli, dried dates, walnuts, almonds are good for reproductive health.
  • Limit intake of  soda drinks, caffeine, and alcohol

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Infertility treatment package by Vaidya AyurvedGuru is a powerful rejuvenating agent that uproots deep-seated impurities from the body channels and nourishes all the saptdhatus, especially shukradhatu. Additionally, the package is formulated with the ingredients that act as aphrodisiac, providing strength and stamina both. The package is an herbal preparation that increases the production of seminal fluid and has a positive effect on the sperm count in men. Further, the package plays a significant role in:

  • Strengthening the nervous system and improving stress management
  • Increasing vitality and vigor
  • Enhancing semen amount, quality and sperm number
  • Strengthening  genito-urinary system

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