Madhumehri Churna




Diabetes mellitus, one of the most common metabolic disorders, is growing at an alarming rate. In which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose, resulting in the condition of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Excess glucose in the blood ultimately results in high levels of glucose being present in the urine (glycosuria). This increases the urine output, which leads to dehydration and increased thirst.

Ayurvedguru Special Madhumehri Formula is Enriched with potent Antioxidant and Antihyperglycemic herbs, a 100% Safe, herbo-mineral preparation, is extremely useful for individuals suffering from Type-2 Diabetes mellitus as it helps in keeping blood sugar level within the normal limits and significantly delays the onset of diabetic complications.

The insulin-mimetic action of its herbal constituents facilitates proper utilization of Glucose, enhances Insulin secretion and sensitivity, and effectively ameliorates insulin resistance. Diabex Capsule exerts considerable regenerative effect on pancreatic β-cells as well.

Madhumehri Churna – Indications :

1. As an adjuvant in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.
2. Metabolic Syndrome associated with Insulin Resistance, such as Pre-diabetes, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), Syndrome X.

Direction for use:

1-2 tablespoon twice daily with water or as directed by the Physician.

Each Pack Contains 100 gm Powder.

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