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Special Chyawanprash


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Chyawanprash – Introduction :

Special Chyawanprash is Genuine ayurvedic tonic containing fresh Amla, Saffron, Swarn vang Bhasma and other high quality ingredients, Ayurvedguru Chyawanprash ensures an all round growth and development. Scientifically developed and processed from authentic herbs using the most advanced manufacturing facilities. it’s a completely natural product, free from side effects, it is commonly taken by people as a general daily tonic. It nourishes and strengthens the body, building its resistance against infections.

Chyawanprash – Indications:

1. Reinforces the immune system and helps fight disease
2. Totally chemical-free, natural and safe
3. Strengthens your body’s internal defense mechanism with anti-oxidant properties
4. Good for skin and whole body.
5. Full of extracts from nature that keeps the body fit.
6. Good for Health, Sex organs, Lungs
7. Improve digestion.
8. Good rejuvenating tonic for intellect class.
9. Regular use – Saves from Asthma, Bronchitis.

Direction for use:

Adults can take 1-2 teaspoons. Children can take ½ – 1 teaspoons twice daily. It can be taken directly or with milk and as bread spread. In winters, have a glass of warm milk after having Chyawanprash

Gender :

Suitable for All

Ideal For :

Well Being

Lifestage :


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