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Avipattikar Choorna


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Our gastrointestinal tract constantly works to digest the food we eat and regulates the digestion process. However sometimes, due to various reasons like improper eating habits and illnesses, the body accumulates toxins and even excesses the Pitta (an ayurvedic humor). The imbalance caused in the body, needs to be eliminated for smooth functioning of the digestive system and correct body weight balance, and it can be done with ‘Avipattikar Churna’.

AyurvedGuru special Avipattikar Choorna is the best ayurvedic medicine for purging digestion related disorders and is a perfect blend of 11 herbal components -Amla, Saunth, Via Vidangh, Pipal, Hardh, Kali Mirch, Baheda, Vid Namal, Nagamotha, Tejpata and Choti Ilaichi. These ingredients act as an effective source of digesting all the eatables that sometimes become difficult to digest properly and put us to a lot of problems including acute stomach pain or constipation. Avipattikar Choorna helps in digesting the food without any difficulty and relaxes us from the indigestion related ailments. Also, the product improves agni dosha by removing excess and vitiated pitta.

The product is well understood by its name. A – vipati – kar means which removes all ailments related to Digestion (pitta). As per its name, it works very effectively.


The product is useful in conditions such as:

  1. Balancing the digestive system.
  2. Relieves from heartburn, acidity and hyperacidity.
  3. Relieves from intestinal hurdles.
  4. Deletes gastritis.
  5. Useful in pre-menstrual diseases.
  6. Treatment for Hemorrhoids (piles).
  7. Enhances Appetite.

Direction of use:

It is recommended to take Avipattikar choorna after meals. Two teaspoons can be taken twice or thrice a day, in the morning and evening with cold water, lukewarm water or even with coconut water. One may also take it before going to bed at night.

How long to take Avipattikar Choorna?

AyurvedGuru ayurvedic medicine Avipattikar choorna is made up of natural herbs that help in maintaining the pH of the stomach, so it is useful in acidity treatment. It is a proven remedy for all the digestive disorders. So it may be taken regularly for normal functioning of the digestive system.

Therefore, there is no prescribed time period for which the Avipattikar choorna has to be taken and no side effects have been reported yet for its prolonged usage.

Method of Storage:

Store the choorna in an airtight container at some dry place.

Shelf life period:

It is best to use for around 6 months from the date of manufacturing.

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