Shirodhara Stand

shirodhara stand

Shirodhara Stand (wooden, with Head Support)


A complete manual shirodhara stand (yantra) consists of Carved wooden stand, Brass pot, wooden Head support, Oil collecting bucket and mug for shirodhara oil treatments. Can be used with any table.

Shirodhara Stand Specifications :

    • Stand. : Carved wooden stand with wheels.
    • Pot/Yantra. : Brass, 2 lit. Capacity, fitted with oil flow control valve.
    • Head Support. : Specifically designed adjustable Wooden Head support with oil collecting and draining system. Oil Collection. Stainless steel bucket placed under the head support for collecting of oil.
    • Accessories. : A S.S.Mug for transfer of oil from Bucket to Pot.
    • Finish. : Shirodhara stand is Wooden Stand in natural polish finish and Pot with hammer marks has a bright natural finish.

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