Royal Panchakarma Work Station

royal panchakarma work station

Royal Panchakarma Work Station


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Royal Panchakarma Work Station
Product code VAPL 101

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Panchakrma Instruments


Sturdily Built, Sleek & Elegant Abhyanga table top is  Constructed of Mill Jointed  Wooden board with Harwood Borders. The  Table  has  a Sant Towards Head-End and Foot-End for Collection of Oil. Table can  be used for Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasaya, and Vashpa & Nadi Swedan etc.

*Table Size. 200cm x 80cm x 80cm High.
*Shirodhara Stand. Carved Solid Wood Stand with Storage Box is Mounted on Wheels and Comes with a Copper Pot, Brass Chains Hang. Pot with Hammer Marks and Hooks to has a Bright Natural Finish.
*Construction. Bed Made of Jointed Wooden Board with Hand Carved Side Borders and Legs.
*Swedan Yantra. Heavy Aluminum Body is Fitted with Electric Heater, Pressure Gauge, Safety Pressure Valve & Steam Flow Control Valves. Mounted on Wheels.
*Nadi Swedan. Steam Flows from a Hand-Held Nozzel to give Proper Steam-Bath at a Point.
*Steam Dome. Teak-Wood Constructed Dome in Two Parts for Steam-Bath. Overall Size: Approx.18″x60″x28″
*Accessories. One: Copper Pot, Four: White or off White Cotton Sheet Covers for Steam Dome, Foot Stool & Wooden Partition for Steamer,
*Finish. Natural Wood Polish Finish.
*Power. 220V AC. 3kw


Regular Power Back Up

Brief About Product

This Panchkarma Station is well Tested and Base on Authentic and Basic Principles of Ayurveda. More Result Oriented, Less Need of Labour and Staff.

Direction for Use

2 Session of Training will be Provided

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You can Personally Visit to Vaidya Ayurvedguru Pvt. Ltd to see the working of this Panchkarma Work Station. This is Product of a Long Period Aprox 16 Research by a Dedicated Ayurveda Doctor. Very Practical Machine.

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