In the field of Ayurvedic medicine, the ultimate tonic preparations are known as rasayana, literally, turning towards rasa. A definition of Rasayana in Ayurveda is described as: “That which destroys the old age and disease is called Rasayana.” That means by taking Rasayana you always remain healthy and young. But it does not mean to that say you will not die. It means that even when you are in your 80’s or 90’s you are able to perform your normal duties and you don’t have to depend on others. One branch of Ayurveda out of the eight branches deals only with Rasayana
As discussed above these tonics are called rasayana because of their capacity to impart superior rasa as well as other dhatus: rasa is the pure nutrient part of food and is one of the dhatus that leads, successively, to the generation of all the others. Dhatus represent the components that support both the structure and functions of the body; there are 7 dhatus, including rasa, blood, flesh, bone, and marrow. Ayana, or turning towards, basically means that the dhatus, instead of degrading and drying due to disease and aging, will be nourished, supplemented, and replenished; rasayana is a tonic for the whole body.
Rejuvenation or Rasayana is not made for sense gratification as many of us think today. According to Ayurveda rejuvenation is taken so that after taking it you become healthy and give your services for others. It is taken so that you can explore the spiritual aspect of life and help the society, the sick, the hungry, the poor and the handicapped.
You can learn how to maintain a balance between material and spiritual aspects of life and help others also to understand it. This will help in establishing permanent peace, happiness and love for which we are always hankering and for which different governments are spending millions of dollars to achieve this. At present, we are using a wrong approach to achieve these things, that’s why we are getting frustrated
Aim of Rasayana
The rasayana or rejuvenation therapy aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. These cells are to be revitalized and their composition has to be changed. The tranquility of the mind has to be promoted and the nerves as well as bones are to be kept soft and smoothened. This prevents the process of ageing and makes the individual free from any disease even during an advanced age. He will be able to see things like before and the sharpness of hearing and vision continues. The glow in his face and the color of his skin remains as before. It is with this in view one has to resort to rejuvenation therapy.
Time of Administration
The rasayana are deemed beneficial for nearly all diseases, but especially for disorders of aging when the ability to obtain adequate nutrition and maintain vigorous function declines. The sooner is the therapy administered to the individual the better it is. In more advanced age, this therapy does not work well. Its effect becomes limited. Before starting the therapy, the following two points are to be observed:
Rasayana- “The Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy”

The body of the individual is cleaned of the dirt or the metabolic waste products through specialized therapies indicated in the Panch Karma. If the rasayana is taken after cleaning the toxins from the body, it gives the best results, though it can be also taken without it. The person taking Rasayana is taught to think, speak and work in such a way, which would be conducive to development of a healthy society. In fact, these conducts are given lot of importance in Ayurveda and they themselves are considered to have rejuvenating effects on the human body.
Rasayana are presented along with another type of herbal compounds, vrishya, and the aphrodisiacs. While both the rasayana and vrishya are capable of imparting vigor to the body, the rasayana are especially able to alleviate disease.

Method of taking Rasayana

According to Charaka Samhita, “From the administration of rasayana one obtains longevity of life, memory, apprehension, health, youth, brightness, complexion, excellence of voice, great strength of body and the senses, power of making speech true, bows (from others), and comeliness of features.” Rasayana are also said to dispel drowsiness and fatigue, preserve the harmony of the three doshas (wind, bile, phlegm), and prevent the flesh from becoming flabby.
Method of taking Rasayana
The Rasayana therapy is taken in two different ways:
Kutipravesika: In this the person has to stay indoor while taking the Rasayana. Elaborate arrangements are made for the construction of a special type of cottage where the individual is to be confined. The person has to strictly follow the diets and other instructions of the physician. He should undergo Panch Karma therapy before taking the rejuvenation. This type is, therefore, not suitable for a person who has to carry on his profession or job.

Vatatapika: This method is best for people who don’t have time to stay in the Ayurvedic clinic to take the first kind of rejuvenation. This type can be taken while doing your normal work. It comprises of different types Ayurvedic herbal preparations which are taken as prescribed by the doctor.