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Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster Description :

1. Give Powerful support for immune system health ,

2. Formulated with traditional herbs known to support immune function , hence make body stronger and healthier.

3. Increase Body Immunity, protects you from infections, cough, cold & stress.

4. Enhances the Digestion power and supports Brain function.

5. Immunity Booster supplements detoxifies the body.

6. It brings you the best of advanced science and ancient wisdom to support the complex network of cells that keeps your body healthy.

7. These jars are air sealed keeping the product fresh and protected for longer time.

Ingredients :

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Precautions :

1. Avoid Cold drinks, ice cream, sweets, fried foods, Banana, milk products like cheese, creams etc.

2. Follow the middle path: don’t skip meals or overeat.

3. Eat fresh, well-cooked food.

4. Start your day with two glasses of warm water.

5. Do not fast during winter — fasting weakens the body’s defenses.

6. Eat a timely lunch and an early dinner for good digestion.

7. Sleep on time — not later than 10 p.m. Restful sleep builds essential energy or “ojas”,boosting immunity.

Age group & sex :

For Males and Females Over 12 Years of Age

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