According to Ayurveda, every human being is a unique phenomenon of cosmic consciousness. The three Dosha (humors) determines every individual’s psychosomatic temperament or Vata (ether plus air), Pitta (fire plus water) and Kapha (water plus earth) are called the Tridosha, meaning the three Dosha. The internal environment is governed by Vata -Pitta -Kapha (V-P-K), which is constantly reacting to the external environment. The wrong diet, habits, lifestyle, incompatible food combinations (e.g. milk and fish, melons and grain, yogurt and meat or cooked honey etc.), seasonal changes, repressed emotions and stress factors can all act either together or separately to change the balance of V-P-K. According to the nature of the cause, Vata, Pitta or Kapha undergo aggravation or derangement that produces Ama (toxins). To stop the further production of Ama Ayurvedic literature suggests putting the person on a proper diet with appropriate lifestyle, habits and exercise. For that you have to first know about your body constitution, then only you will better know , what is good to keep you healthy for ever.

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Observation Options
Nose Shape: Uneven shape, Deviated septum
Long, Pointed, Red nose tip
Short, Rounded, Button nose
Eyes: Small, Sunken, Dry, Active, Black, Brown
Sharp, Brighter green, Yellow/Red, Sensitive to light
Big, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Blue, Calm, loving
Nails : Dry, Rough, Brittle, Break easily
Sharp, Flexible, Pink, Luxurious
Thick, Oily, Smooth, Polished
Lips : Dry, Cracked, Black/brown, Tinge
Red, Inflamed Yellowish
Smooth, Oily, Pale, Whitish
Teeth : Stick out, Big, Roomy, Thin gums
Medium, Soft, tender gums
Healthy, White, Strong gums
Body Appearance: Slim
Body Weight : Low
Skin Behaviour : Thin, Dry, Cold, Bumpy, Dark
Charming, Oily, Temperate, Rosy
Thick, Oily, Cool, White, Pale
Look of Hair: Dry, Brown, Black, Stiff, Frail, Scarce
Straight, Oily, Blond, Gray, Red, Bald
Thick, Curly, Oily, Wavy, Luxuriant
Chin: Thin, Angular
Rounded, Double
Cheeks: Wrinkled, Sunken
Smooth, Flat
Rounded, Plump
Neck: Thin, Tall
Big, Folded
Chest: Flat, Sunken
Expanded, Round
Digestion: Irregular, Forms gas
Quick, Causes burning
Prolonged, Forms mucous
Belly: Thin, Flat, Sunken
Big, Potbellied
Bellybutton: Small, Irregular, Herniated
Oval, Superficial
Big, Deep, Round, Stretched
Hips: Slender, Thin
Heavy, Big
Joints: Cold, Cracking
Large, Lubricated
Appetite: Irregular, Scanty
Strong, Unbearable
Slow but steady
Taste: Sweet, Sour, Salty
Sweet, Bitter, Astringent
Bitter, Pungent, Astringent
Thrist: Changeable
Elimination: Constipation
Thick, Oily, Sluggish
Physical activity: Hyperactive
Mental activity: Hyperactive
Dull, Slow
Emotions: Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty
Anger, Hate, Jealousy
Calm, Greedy, Attachement
Faith: Variable
Intellect: Quick but faulty response
Accurate response
Slow, Exact
Recollection: Recent good, Remote poor
Slow and sustained
Dreams: Quick, Active, Many, Fearful
Fiery, War, Violence
Lakes, Slow, Romantic
Sleep: Scanty, Broken up , Sleeplessness
Little but sound
Deep, Prolonged
Speech: Rapid, Unclear
Sharp, Penetrating
Slow, Monotonous
Financial: Poor, Spends on trifles
Spends money on luxuries
Rich, Good money preserver