The absence of sperm in the seminal fluid is called azoospermia, and it is a condition that results in infertility in males, which requires male infertility treatments. In many cases, men who have this condition do not have any indication that there is an issue with their fertility until they and their partner experience difficulty in getting pregnant.

Azoospermia – Causes

1. Medicines , such as steroids, antibiotics, and medicines used to treat inflammation or cancer may affect male fertility.

2. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs may also cause problems with sperm production.

3. Genetic conditions may affect sperm production or development of reproductive organs. These include Klinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome.

4. Abnormal hormone levels may be caused by disorders of the testicles. This may affect the production of sperm.

5. Radiation used to treat cancer may affect sperm production.

6. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that causes semen to travel into the bladder instead of outside the body. It is usually caused by a problem with the neck of the bladder and may be due to spinal cord injuries, medicines, or diabetes.

7. Other causes include pesticides, heavy metals, heat, and undescended testes (testicles that did move from the abdomen into the scrotum). Any of these can affect sperm production.

How Ayurveda supplements can help?

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Signs and Symptoms of Azoospermia

1. Inability to get your partner pregnant

2. Increased body fat, body hair, and breast tissue

3. Clear, watery, or whitish discharge from the penis

4. Presence of a mass or swelling on the scrotum that feels like a bag of worms (varicocele)

5. Stress or emotional pressure from not being able to conceive a child

6. Testicles that are small, soft, or cannot be felt

7. Veins that are enlarged, twisted, and may be seen in the scrotum (varicocele)

8 only after semen analysis this disease can be confirmed.

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Precautions to be taken:

Avoid spicy food, cold drinks, cold articles and heavy food.

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